This Week’s DoDo Bird Award Winner is: I (heart) boobies Bracelets

This whole story flew over the cuckoo’s nest. First we have the designer of the I (heart) boobies bracelet being marketed to teenaged girls. Wasn’t the pink bracelets good enough? And then to add insult to injury we have this lawsuit against the school district who overreacted by suspending the girls. But if the suspension was an over reaction what can we say about the lawsuit? COME ON PEOPLE use some common sense. Didn’t anyone stop to think that a young teenage girl wearing a bracelet that says I (heart) boobies wouldn’t cause a stir? So for all those involved in this STUPID marketing endeavor, for the school officials who over reacted, and for the ACLU stupid lawsuit this incident wins this week’s DoDo Bird award handsdown

Amplify’d from

(AP) – A free-speech lawsuit is being filed against a Pennsylvania school district that bans the popular “I (heart) boobies” bracelets.

The American Civil Liberties Union says the Easton Area School District ban violates students’ First Amendment rights.

The suit filed Monday says two middle school students received in-school suspensions last month for wearing bracelets that say, “I (Heart) Boobies. Keep a Breast.” The bracelets are sold by a nonprofit to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer organizations.

School officials call the rubber jewelry distracting and demeaning.

The ACLU says the bracelets are perhaps irreverent, but not indecent.

School districts across the country have run into similar disputes.



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