Isn’t It Amazing How Some Things Just Never Change?

No matter what happens the story remains the same. I inherited this crisis and I am doing everything I can to make things better but as it will only get worse since I inherited this crisis.

The more money the government spends on ECONOMIC STIMULUS plans the more the unemployment rate goes up, and yet the administration never makes the connection that perhaps it is his policies that is causing the crisis that he inherited. Oh well November is almost here and then we can start to get to work on erasing this Obama crisis we Americans inherited with his nomination in 2009.

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2 thoughts on “Isn’t It Amazing How Some Things Just Never Change?

  1. Of course, you’re confusing the unemployement rate with new unemployment claims, and new job hires. Anyone taking Econ 101 knows the unemployment rate is affected as much by out of work people looking for work as by those who’ve recently lost jobs.
    If 99 indicators show you’re argument to be false, stick to the 1 you can twist to your advantage.
    When Bush left office, we were at 750,000 new unemployment claims a month. That’s what Obama inherited. Last month, we GAINED 67,000 new jobs.
    Looks like I’m going to have to write a post on this subject.

    1. There actually is no confusion. Even taking into account new job hires the unemployment rate still increased meaning more people are unemployed then once were. And by making the absurd comparison that the rate of unemployment claims is slowing is ridiculous. That is like saying well hey it could have been worse and then ignoring how bad it really is. The gaining of 67,000 new jobs does not negate that more people are unemployed today then yesterday. When the economy starts to recover those jobs lost since the enactment of the failed stimulus bills then we can start to say we are recovering. As it stands now jobs are still being lost, yes some are being created but not enough to off-set the jobs lost or the unemployment rate would be declining not increasing. But since most in Obamaland live in an alternate reality truth is lost to ideology.

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