National ID Card: Mark of Beast?

16 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead;
17 and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.
Rev 13:16-17 (ASV)

You tell me what you think.

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A national ID card using biometric data such as fingerprints is at the center of an immigration reform bill being hammered out in the U.S. Senate – a measure that once again probably will pit advocates of homeland security and tough immigration enforcement against civil libertarians, employers and immigrant rights groups.
Bottom line: Employers will not be able to hire applicants who do not present a valid ID.
“Every worker would have to ask permission from the federal government to get a job. American workers shouldn’t have to beg or plead to anybody to get permission to work.
The new effort by Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., will revive the “Real ID” debate that has festered for years with little effect on illegal immigration. Under their plan, a universally required card would be encoded with all sorts of information regarding the holder, as well as contain a unique biometric signature created from either fingerprints

5 thoughts on “National ID Card: Mark of Beast?

  1. I DO agree with your very good analysis as to why ‘we’ (I held my nose and voted for Sarah Palin; er, I mean John McCain) would so easily elect someone who is clearly at the very least a Socialist and at the very worst far more sinister. It is truly a sad day in this last bastion of freedom called the USA that, given the fact that about 60% of the voting public didn’t even care to cast their vote (compared to Iraq where, even under the threat of death, about 90% voted!), the remaining 40% that did vote are just about evenly divided as to the direction this country should go. In addition, it is clear (thanks to blogs such as yours and talk radio) that we can see there are far more ‘progressives’ in government than ever before.

    I feel as if we are like the boy with his finger in the dike, trying to hold back the dam from breaking while the villagers below go about their lives as if nothing is about to happen. You are correct: we are sadly becoming a nation of ‘frogs’ in that proverbial pot of water with the heat being slowly turned up in the name of compassion (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps, unemployment ‘benefits’, welfare, government subsistence programs, etc.) and I am not sure if that can be ultimately turned back, nor do I necessarily think it should. My reason why?

    Jesus warned us 2,000 years ago that, in the last days (of which we are most likely living in) these things would come to pass, but that the end was not yet. Even so, all things would have to happen in order for His return, including what we are seeing today.

    Don’t misunderstand: I am not selling all I possess and heading for the nearest hill in anticipation; after all, He also exhorted us to ‘occupy’ until His return, and that I am doing. I also do not look to the rapture as some sort of fire escape mentality; only that it will happen as assuredly as His first coming, being prophesied until it came to pass, also came to pass. Just as there was a generation alive when He came into the world as a babe, there will also be a generation alive when He returns for His own.

    He also encouraged us to ‘rejoice’ when these signs begin to come to pass as we are most assuredly seeing in our lifetime, because it meant that That Day (His return) was nearer than when we first believed! This current administration coupled with the direction our country has been going for the last 100 years, and all that it represents is proof that, in the grand scheme of things, the end is near.

    As to the ‘mark’: It may sound glib but I say what Jesus said: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”, and that includes needing a Social Security card, driver’s license, etc. In no way do I equate having a SS (almost Nazi-like comparison?) card with taking the mark (although I do agree with you that it is an easy step in the direction of taking the mark eventually). We can’t stop prophecy from being fulfilled, brother; we can only stand in awe, watching it coming to pass and rejoicing as we see it happening right before our very eyes, while warning our fellow citizens of God’s ultimate plan to vanquish once and for all evil and cast satan, his angels and all who follow him (including those who take the mark) into the lake of fire, and to repent for the kingdom of God is near.

    Keep up the good fight of faith, Allen. You are not alone; you are just becoming quite the minority. However, you and God equal a majority and ‘all things are possible to them who believe’. It may not happen in our lifetime, but it will ‘come to pass’ and then the end. Thankfully, for those who believe in Jesus, that is only the beginning! Of what Steven Curtis Chapman sang in one of his songs: “This is the great adventure”!!

    Sorry for going on so long. Hey, I’m retired now and am also a charter member of the On And On Club.

    God bless you and keep looking up, for your redemption draws near………..

    Your brother in Christ


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful response. But I am still awaiting someone who actually voted for this dufus to stand up and be accountable. I want to know why they voted for an obvious do nothing with “mob like” associations. I am going to go one step further and say if you are a CHRISTIAN and you are registered Democrat then I want to know how you justify that position as well. Could you please stop by and tell me what you found so worthwhile in the democrat platform of the past several decades? And as far as the rapture is concerned remember the in-gathering takes place AT THE LAST TRUMPET CALL not before. I believe just like Israel had to go through the 10 plagues to be delivered from Egyptian bondage so shall the church. Of course after the first 4 plagues there was a line of demarcation set up to separate God’s people from the Egyptians. I am not a fan of Jenkins and the Left Behind crowd. I am more of a MAKE SURE YOU HAVE OIL for your lamps kind of believer. Prepare for the worst, expect the best, but in all things be ever vigilant and prayerful.

  2. Well, Allen, I don’t think this is ‘it’, but we are sure moving in that direction ‘in the name of protecting our identity, proof of citizenship, etc. argument’ (including the ‘having an identity chip inserted under the skin’ debate). After all, we already need a Social Security Number in order to work, etc., and I don’t think that is ‘the’ mark; more likely a ‘type’ of the coming mark of the beast. Either way, it is my position that we will not be here when the true mark becomes a reality because, according to my understanding of end times, the mark will be a ‘take it or die’ proposition during the Tribulation period, and this will only occur after the rapture of His saints. Only those who come to faith in Christ after the rapture will have to face this decision. Even with this position open to debate, I don’t believe we are yet in that time period, so I am not fearful of this movement.

    1. It seems to me that it is far too easy to get people to go along with the flow when you incrementally take away their freedoms. With each little step toward total dependency those who are gradually loosing their freedoms shrug it off as no big deal. You know how the old adage goes you place two frogs in a kettle and slowly heat the water until they boil to death because they adjust to the gradual change of temperature until it gets too hot to adapt and they boil. Vigilance is the only safe way to live life. The issuance of a Tax ID number or some other form of identification would not be so insidious if it was not tied to monetary gain or loss. The fact that this card MUST BE Used in order to obtain work and who knows what other requirements will be attached to the card once it is issued and in full force. I am still fighting mad that American Citizens have to give their SS# in order to open bank accounts and obtain insurance. Heck I even hear that you have to give it to get a driver’s license in some places. I have an original issue SS Card and it clearly states that it is NOT TO BE USED for identification and yet here we are required to use it for ID. How much more of a leap will it be to actually require everyone to get some kind of ID Mark in order to commence in commerce? See I do not believe exactly the way you do Dave because I think the rise of the anti christ will not be as difficult to pull off as some would have us think. In fact I see it very much like in Jesus’ day when the religious crowd cried GIVE US BARABBAS and CRUCIFY HIM. You see it was way too easy for Barak Obama to be elected President even when it was clear he had no real qualifications and his associations where dubious at best. AND yet here we are. I asked this question once before and I still have not received an answer. IF you are a born again Christian and you voted for Obama could you tell me why?

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