In Defense of “Nut Jobs” Everywhere

Welcome to the site of a proud member of “Nut Jobs United” I along with millions of others wear the badge with honor. If you are for any of the following then you too are a member in good standing of “Nut Jobs United”.

1) Anti-amnesty for illegal immigrants
2) Anti-federal gun control

3) Anti-unfunded government mandates
4) Anti-deficit spending
5) Anti-government dictated health habits
6) Anti-corruption in government
7) Anti-federal usurpation of States Rights
8) Anti-tax increases
9) Anti-corporate controlled Congress 

If you are voicing an opinion against anything the government wants to do you are defined as a “nutjob”.


How well do you stack up against the high standard set by those who have already gone on before us to wear the label “Nut Job”? In my particular case I get the added distinction of not only being a “Nut Job” but also of being a “Wing Nut”. Eagle out!

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