May Edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel”

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

Each edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel” will be posted on the 30th of each month. Please be sure to get your submissions in by the 25th to be included in each month’s edition. Any article that relates scripture to “pop culture” will be accepted.

Take note: Any submission that does not meet the requirements of traditional Christian values may be refused.

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Welcome to the May edition of pop goes the gospel. This month I received far more posts then at any time in the past. Once again I refer you to the rules for submission page which outlines that I will only post one article per author. This is to allow equal time and clicks for all those who submitted a post. You are welcome to resubmit an article that was cut from this edition in the next edition. I do not carry them over from month to month because of the time it would take to try to keep track of them all.

I am increasingly amazed at the quality of posts that I get each month and I am thankful to all my regular contributors who continue to offer up quality articles in each edition. If it wasn’t for your contributions this blog carnival would not be as popular as it is becoming. Thank you all for once again rising to the occasion.


This month’s feature article is an article from Yvette Nietzen who presents Having a ready mind posted at Fresh Wind Ministries.Yvette is a  regular contributor to Pop Goes the Gospel and is back this month with another excellent article. She recommends  that we have a mind ready to accept things God’s way rather than wanting them to go our way. I took something away from this article and so will you. It is a quick read but contains plenty of truth.

In Media

Sarah Scrafford presents Top 10 Christians in Hollywood posted at Christian Colleges.Thank you Sarah for pointing out that not all celebs have abandoned traditional values for the sleaze of Hollywood. Although not a complete list Sarah gives us a good place to start when looking for actors and actresses to keep a faith watch eye on. Do pray for these folks because they will be tempted perhaps more than others because they are basking in the spotlights.

Ken Brown presents God and Battlestar Galactica posted at C. Orthodoxy, saying, “Explores the tensions and questions surrounding a God who chooses–on Battlestar Galactica and in Christianity.” Ken Brown offers a well written post about the Sci-Fi channels Battlestar Galatica. This modern day sci-fi spectacular seems an underlying spiritual side, At least that is how Ken and others have viewed it. See for yourself and tell him what you think.

In Church Life

andriel presents The Consumerization of the Gospel posted at is back with another of a long series of posts concerning the “falling away” from the faith spoken about in the latter days. These regular submissions to this blog carnival are required reading to challenge and provoke us to take another look at what we believe and why we believe it. I challenge you today to surf over to The Returning King and check it out for yourself. And do not hesitate to leave behind your thoughts in the comments.

ChristianPF presents Are you a good steward of God’s money? posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, ChristianPF also a regular poster to Pop Goes the Gospel offers up a timely message concerning our use of God’s money. After all the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. All belongs to Him and if we are His child then all we have belongs to Him as well.

In Travel

Victor Schultz presents St. Peters Basilica | Michaelangelos Pieta | Pictures of the Vatican City, Rome, Italy posted at St. Peters Square, Vatican City, saying, “As you enter St. Peter’s Basilica, it is hard not to be awestruck by its vast size and sheer beauty. For example, as you walk in you will see some very large statutes to the side. While beautiful in their own right, I mention them as a reference point on the incredible size of the interior space. If you look up you will see writing and numbers that are carved into the upper wall just below the ceiling. While this text appears to be relatively small to the unaided eye, in fact the those carved letters and as tall as the large statutes you see to the sides as you enter.” Thanks Victor. This is something you HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE! I feel like Thomas when told about Jesus’ resurrection. He said SHOW ME! The only complaint I have about this post is the pictures do not do justice to St Peter’s Basilica. For now that is all we have so enjoy.

In Culture

Carole Gold presents Christ Consciousness posted at Carole Gold, saying, “How the bias of the messenger can kill the message.”

Margaret Garcia presents Top 100 Blogs on Christian Families posted at Becoming A Radiologist.I am not one for lists but if you are a Christian parent then these top 100 blogs on Christian Families may be just what you are looking for. This list should take you a while to get through. Give them a try you might just find one or two or three you can use.

Shannon Christman presents Scripture We Like To Ignore: I Corinthians 6:1-8, Lawsuits Among Believers posted at The Minority Thinker.Brother fighting with brother. Brethern against brethern. Sounds like an uncivil war to me. Shannon does a good job of pointing out scriptures that we often times over looks in our day to day activities. WE would do will to take heed.

In Politics

Paul Gable presents Apr 15, The DHS Report: Gasoline on Brushfires! posted at Paul Gable, Paul Gable a first time poster to this carnival tackles the Department of Homeland Securities watch list. He feels, like myself and others, that the current administration is set on a course that is contrary to biblical Christianity. See his views here. And then check out my own views by visiting A Reply to Political Propagandists.

In Family

Bill presents Blessing Blockers: Walking in Forgiveness posted at The Covenant Blessing, saying, Thanks Bill for reminding us that is it better to forgive then to simply forget.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of pop goes the gospel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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7 thoughts on “May Edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel”

  1. As always, thanks for the post and the encouraging words. The looong series of Wolves in Wool is now finally at its end. Pray for us as we begin a new series on Soteriology in a few weeks!

    1. No problem Jeff thank you for your contribution. I know the time it takes to write a substantial post and I can see the time and work you have put in on your blog. I will be praying for you as you start your new series.

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