Whose Running Things? The Executives or the Judges?

Apparently the judges are at least in South Carolina. The Governor of the State was fighting stimulus money from Washington because of all the strings that were attached to the money which would effect the state adversely in later years. However his authority was overturned by court order of the State Supremes.

Take a lessons folks. If you don’t like your boss take him to court and gain control of his company then you can run it yourself.

Do not like the way the Governor of your state operates then sue him and take over control of the states affairs.

Do not like your life well then SUE GOD! Good luck with that one.

clipped from www.foxnews.com

South Carolina’s high court has ordered Republican Gov. Mark Sanford to request $700 million in federal stimulus money,
which would head primarily to cash-strapped schools over the next two years.

The state Supreme Court issued its ruling
Thursday, a day after hearing arguments in Sanford’s legal fight to reject the money. The anti-bailout governor refused to
take the cash even after legislators passed a budget requiring him to do so.

The arguments involved lawsuits filed by
students and school administrators. Sanford had tried to get those cases merged in federal court with his own lawsuit to block
the money, but he lost that fight Monday.

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