Gov. Hand-outs Bankrupting Arizona

Another example of what happens when too many people look to government for give me’s. They come to the state house with the hands out and not with their sleeves rolled up. Instead of offering to work to produce wealth they are asking that it be redistributed.

This sounds much like GM to me. Workers come to management and say give me. Management gives in and gives until they can not give anymore.

With the government passing laws that does not promote fiscal responsibility it only compounds the problem. But sooner or later it comes time to pay the piper.

Watch out folks this same crisis is spreading across this land at an alarming rate. There is a wild fire burning out of control.

A fire extinguisher is not going to stop this inferno.

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The deficit looming in the state budget is at least $3 billion.

It was only three years ago that Arizona lawmakers and then-Gov. Janet Napolitano were quarrelling over how to spend a $1 billion surplus.

Resolving a $3 billion deficit is made more difficult by the constraints lawmakers face.

About $7.3 billion of the budget is out of lawmakers’ control, driven either by existing law or mandates created by voters. For the coming fiscal year, if budget cuts were the only option, that would mean $3 billion coming from the remaining $3.7 billion. But GOP legislative leaders long ago conceded they can’t cut their way to a balanced budget, even though they see this budget crisis as an ideal time to downsize government.

They also have to contend with political pressure. Since the late-January budget cuts, the Capitol grounds have hosted regular protests, with everyone from child-care providers to the disabled to public-school advocates bringing their message of woe to lawmakers.

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