Tax Day Has Arrived
And here I thought I lived in a “free” country

Taxes are first mentioned in the bible in the command (Ex 30:11-16) that every Jew from twenty years and upward should pay an annual tax of “half a shekel for an offering to the Lord.” This enactment was faithfully observed for many generations (2Ch 24:6; Mat 17:24).

Afterwards, when the people had kings to reign over them, they began, as Samuel had warned them (1Sa 8:10-18), to pay taxes for civil purposes (1Ki 4:7; 1Ki 9:15; 1Ki 12:4). Such taxes, in increased amount, were afterwards paid to the foreign princes that ruled over them.

In the New Testament the payment of taxes, imposed by lawful rulers, is enjoined as a duty (Rom 13:1-7; 1Pe 2:13, 14). Mention is made of the tax (telos) on merchandise and travellers (Mat 17:25); the annual tax (phoros) on property (Luke 20:22; Luke 23:2); the poll-tax (kensos, “tribute,” (Mat 17:25; Mat 22:17; Mark 12:14)); and the temple-tax (“tribute money” = two drachmas = half shekel, (Mat 17:24-27; Compare Ex 30:13)).

Easton’s Illustrated Dictionary

Old Testament Money Scale

Gerah        Shekel    Mina   Talent 
20           1
1,000        50        1
60,000       3,000     60      1     

New Testament Money Scale

Mite  Quadrans (Penny)  Copper Coin   Denarius
2          1/64 
8          4               1/16 
128        64              16            1*  

* One day’s wages. The Temple tax was 2 days’ wages

Money Values

Denomination    Troy Ounce   Silver Value    Gold Value
Gerah             .0182          $0.36           $18.20 
Shekel           3.64            $7.28          $364.00
Mina            18.2           $364.00       $18,200.00
Talent          91.0        $21,840.00    $1,092,000.00
Drachma (Greek) 27.0           $270.00
Bekah             .182           $3.64                 
Yep it is true taxes are as old as time itself. Eagle 1040 out!

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