Global Warming Experts Schizophrenic

An environmental policy expert is questioning a solution to the alleged problem of global John Holdren (science advisor)warming that is being offered by Obama’s science advisor.

According to an Associated Press interview, Obama’s science advisor John Holdren has suggested that a solution to the problem of so-called man-made global warming is to shoot pollution into the upper atmosphere in order to reflect the sun. He adds that solution would only be a last resort, but says the problem of global warming is dire.

James Taylor, the senior fellow of environment policy at  The Heartland Institute, says Holdren is overreacting to a non-issue because global temperatures have actually dipped in the last few years, despite computer models calling for an increase. On the other hand, Taylor acknowledges Holdren’s efforts.

“Holdren is on to something here in the sense that scientists know that if we had more sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, this would dramatically cool the planet,” he notes. “Volcanoes release such particles; any major volcano eruption has the tendency to cool the planet for years after the eruption.”

James Taylor (Heartland Inst.)The Obama administration is also attempting to use the Clean Air Act to regulate alleged global warming. But in its original intent, the Act was used to remove human emissions of sulfur dioxide. OneNewsNow asked if simply repealing the Clean Air Act would have the same effect.

“Well, that’s certainly one way we could go about it,” Taylor concludes, laughing. “But we do know that global warming is not accelerating, temperatures have not been rising for most of the past decade — and we really have nothing to worry about.”

2008 International Conference on Climate Change: Global Warming is not a Crisis!

Global Warming: The Signs and The Science

This one certainly belongs in the cuckoo’s nest for the sheer nonsense of it all. To think these global warming scientists actually believe all this stuff. On one hand they are telling us to STOP POLLUTING and then they turn around and say they need to send POLLUTION into the atmosphere to COOL THE PLANET. WAIT A MINUTE I thought pollution was causing the atomosphere to HEAT UP. DID I miss something here? Which is it? Is man-made pollution heating or cooling the planet? And to think people actually take these people seriously and then they turn around and call me a ‘birdbrain’. I think I hear the men in their white lab coats coming for you John. Eagle out!

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