Chinese Set to Mass Produce ECO-Friendly Vehicle

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China has announced they are ready to mass produce an Eco-friendly vehicle to the world market as soon as certain Environmental issues are resolved. According to one report environmentalists are a little concerned over the amount of CO2 emissions from this new vehicle.

The internal combustion engine’s only emissions are H2O and CO2 yet the environmentalists feel the CO2 levels are too high to qualify as a truly carbon neutral vehicle. However they state it certainly is a move in the right direction.

Although not entirely carbon fuel free the engine surely out performs other internal combustion engines in its fuel efficiency. China expects to iron out the environmental issues in time to release the new models by late Spring 2009.

In other news a mid-Pennsylvania manufacturer has been working feverishly on their own bio-fuel eco-friendly vehicle. Using technology from Pennsylvania’s rich agricultural heritage, ABC manufacturing has been able to mass produce a fuel efficient mass transit vehicle that should meet stricter environmental standards currently under consideration in Congress. Representatives of the company expect good consumer acceptance of their offering. Priced thousands less than GM, FORD or Chrysler Hybrids, ABC manufacturing hopes to cash in on the economy car market with their latest offering.

Chinese RS2009


ABC Manufactoring

ABC MANUFACTORING In Western Pennsylvania

One thought on “Chinese Set to Mass Produce ECO-Friendly Vehicle

  1. This is really funny and I will send it on to quite a few people. Many of us could say “been there’ done that” and it is almost as bad as a dead horse on a busy highway. One would select to travel only on a farm or a long lonely secluded lane.

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