Loony Tune Award Winner: Oakland Pastor Arrested for holding sign

Yes sirree bob, our society is in a tailspin. To think Oakland, CA feels that sign holding is a crime punishable by jail time and yet overlooks the crime of violence committed against underage girls in the name of REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. A minor does not have to inform a parent when undergoing a life threatening procedure, and Oakland finds nothing immoral or criminal about that. Neither does the city find the wholesale slaughter of innocent life a criminal act, what they find offensive is a Pastor holding a sign offering an alternative solution to a life ending decision.

Hmm I wonder if Oakland would arrest this same Pastor for holding up a sign offering hope to a potential suicide jumper?

Oakland has sanctioned murder for hire and look the other way. A lonely black Pastor cares enough to want to help and he is arrested. This one certainly earns the Loony Tune award.

clipped from townhall.com

A travesty of justice has occurred in Oakland, California. But realities surrounding this local issue point to how the economic crisis in our nation is symptomatic of and flows from a deeper fundamental moral crisis.

A black pastor awaits sentencing, which could amount to two years in prison and $4,000 in fines, for standing outside an inner city abortion clinic holding a sign saying “Jesus Loves You & Your Baby, Let Us Help You,” and offering pro-life literature.

Walter Hoye, founder and chairman of the Issues4Life Foundation, was found guilty of “unlawful approach” under the “Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities Ordinance” enacted in Oakland in 2008.

Under the ordinance, it is prohibited, within 100 feet of the entrance to a “reproductive health facility,” to approach within eight feet of a client “for the purpose of counseling, harassing, or interfering” with that person.

Pastor Hoye’s conviction is strange in that no “victim” testified against him

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