November issue of “Pop Goes the Gospel” Blog Carnival

Welcome to the November, 2008 edition of pop goes the gospel.I had to post this a day late because Blog Carnival was having some maintenance done on their servers when I attempted to access the Carnivals managers page. Anyway a little late but well worth it. This month I had many excellent submissions to “Pop Goes the Gospel”, several from the same author, I chose the best of the submissions and encourage those who posted several posts to this carnival to post again to next month’s edition. I try not to post multiple entries from the same blogger so as not to give more coverage to any one blog. I will certainly include additional articles in later editions if you resubmit them.

IN Church Life

Tammy Riggs presents Do you love me more than these? posted at Riggs Report – On to Andahuaylas, saying, “A challenge to examine your priorities and service.” A simple straight forward word to the church to examine our motives and see if we “Love Him more than these”

andriel presents Word of Faith: The Demotion of God posted at, saying, “Wolves in Wool: Creeps in The Church, is the title of this series on false teachers and false doctrines. This study will be updated weekly, so be sure to subscribe for updates.” andriel submitted several posts from his blog and I only included this one in this issue. I encourage andriel to submit subsequent posts to later editions of the blog carnival. Andriel takes on the Word of faith preachers in this article and blogcast. Check it out.

Trevor Watkinson presents Prayer and Fasting posted at Blog, saying, “How prayer and fasting can change your life.” Trevor submitted two articles to this blog carnival and I chose to include this one. His blog covers the gambit of self-improvement using biblical principles. This one on prayer and fasting is well worth the read. It is good medicine to deny ourselves certain pleasures in order to find a closer relationship with God.

Yvette Nietzen presents Supernatural Prison Break . posted at Fresh Wind Ministries, Int´lYvette, a frequent poster has submitted a good post on Paul and Silas’s prison break. No it is not taken from the Television show of the same name but it is a good article. Thank you Yvette.

In Culture

Angelawd presents Shopgirl gets over herself posted at angelawd, saying, “Even the most humble tasks can bring us closer to Jesus’s attitude.” How scrubbing the urinal taught humility.

Daniel Partin presents Defending The Shack: Black Madonna posted at Prophet For Hire: A blog for those seeking relationship with God.Daniel writes an interesting review of the Book the Black Madonna. I really can neither endorse or pan the book because I have not read it. However I found Daniels review of a review of the book interesting to read. I am not sure I wish to actually read the book The Black Madonna however.

Nathan Creitz presents Organic and Sustainable Christianity posted at Nathan Creitz.Putting feet to our faith. Taking action when action is presented to us is what I got from reading this post by Nathan.

The Traveler presents Statue of Liberty – history posted at Ellis Island – Statue of Liberty, saying, “Some history about the statue of liberty.” Everyone could use a refresher course on United States History so I allowed the Traveler to post this blog entry.

In Family

Tiffany Partin presents The Proof Is In The Pictures posted at Fathom Deep: Sounding the Depths of God.Pictorial display of Hurricane Ike’s effect on Bayview. Let us continue to pray for those effected by the Ire of Ike.

ChristianPF presents Encouraging Bible Verses for the Financial Crisis posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “What the Bible has to say about the financial crisis” What more needs to be said?

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of pop goes the gospel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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3 thoughts on “November issue of “Pop Goes the Gospel” Blog Carnival

  1. Trevor I am honored to be able to bring quality posts to the blogging community. I feel that when I take the time to proof all submissions to “Pop Goes the Gospel” I am maintaining my integrity with my readers who expect to find only quality content here at Thank you for adding real value to this site and especially to this blog Carnival. Please be sure to write additional articles for upcoming carnivals.

  2. Thanks a lot for including me in the carnival! It’s nice to see that you take the time to make careful selections for inclusion here. I especially enjoyed the “Shopgirl gets over herself” post. It is good to be reminded that the job we do does not define who we are. The carnival has been stumbled and I put up a link as well.

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