Bail-out Union Advocate Tells America We need to pay for their Health Care Costs

Listen closely as Jonathan Tasini, Executive director of Labor research Association tells America where Obama’s stimulus money was earmarked.

JONATHAN TASINI, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LABOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATION: If I can first address the main point: thank God for the public sector unions. Because if it wasn’t for the public sector unions, and the stimulus money coming to states to save jobs, this economy would not just be in a so-called recession, we’d be at the bottom of the abyss. It’s actually the stimulus money that has saved part of the economy and kept that sector going while in fact the private sector has declined because there’s no credit as you well know in the private sector, and jobs have been lost like crazy.

Did you hear that? What he said was we the people (taxpayer) are paying PUBLIC employees TO KEEP THEIR JOBS while we the people (taxpayer) are loosing ours.

Sound about right does it?

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Maria Bartiromo of CNBC

Maria Bartiromo of CNBC

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