Bailing out of Main Street, Wall Street and Capital Street

Thanks but no thanks Uncle Sam. Thanks but no thanks to your plan to saddle me with the burden of bailing out Main Street and Wall street. There is only one street I wish to see bailed out and that is Capital Street.

I can choose not to shop on Main Street, I can avoid investing in Wall Street but I really have no say in what Capital Street decides to do to me. They can pick my pocket anytime they like and I can not bail out of the program. I do have choices in where I shop and where I invest. I can even avoid borrowing money from anyone if I choose not to but I can not avoid paying taxes. This so called crisis on Wall Street has little or no effect on my personal finances but the failure of Capital Street sure does effect me adversely. Even when I do not invest in the stock market I have been forced to do so by the federal government in this bail out. Although I do not borrow money or have a sub-prime mortgage I have been forced to buy them by the federal government as well. Although I do not have personal debt my government has heaped a huge debt upon my shoulders and the shoulders of my offspring if I chose to have some.

Spare me the chatter about saving Main Street and going after the villains on Wall Street, what I much prefer you do is clean up your own house at Capital Street before you even think about trying to clean up either Main Street or Wall Street. We the people and the free market can clean up the mess on Wall Street as you can tell from the falling stock values. People are leaving Wall Street in droves. Main street too suffers when people decide they no longer wish to shop there. Now I ask you congressmen, how does one bail out of Capital Street? Sacs Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus I can avoid, but Capital Street keeps coming around taking money from me without asking.

Perhaps it is time ‘We the People’ Bail out Capital Street! Bail out all the graft and corruption! Bail out all the pork barrel spending! Bail out all the lying, thieving congressmen! Bail out the uncontrolled spending sprees these politicians love to wage with our money. I think it is time to CLEAN up the environment of the filth in Washington. I think it is time to renovate Capital Street and clean out all the old cronyism and nepotism that seems to infest the place. Perhaps it is time to clean out the moldy politicians and get a breath of fresh air on Capital Street. What say ye?

What do you have to say?

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