National Anthem Not welcome in California State House

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Launch into an�a cappella version of the Star Spangled Banner in the California State Capitol and a group could find themselves facing Capitol Security and officers of the California Highway Patrol. And that is what happened, says Brad Dacus, president of the�Pacific Justice Institute, when a group of students touring the capitol, as part of the “City on a Hill” education program, spontaneously began to sing the national anthem.

He argues that “[s]uch spontaneous expression of love for…country should never, ever be stifled by government when it’s in no way creating a disturbance of any kind….”

Pacific Justice Institute sent a letter to the Chief Sergeant at Arms for the Capitol informing him that citizens have a First Amendment right to express themselves in the capitol rotunda as long as they are not being disruptive, and that any future attempt to interfere with that right will result in appropriate legal action.

Sometimes I wish that California would be hit with the “BIG ONE” and send it into Pacific Ocean. Thank God the children did not break out into a spontaneous chorus of Amazing Grace, they might have been tarred and feathered.

For this unpatriotic display on the part of the California State capital this story belongs in the Cuckoos nest for sure.

No wonder they call Cali the ‘Left Coast’ apparently the people who live out there have taken leave of their common sense.

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