Illegal’s registered to vote?

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vote boothA new study warns that fraudulent votes by non-citizens, including illegal aliens, could swing this year’s local and national elections.

“When you learn that half of the 9/11 hijackers were registered to vote, that’s when you realize that the honor system the country has for its voter registration system is broken,” explains Hans von Spakovsky, a visiting scholar at the�Heritage Foundation�and author of a new report titled “The Threat of Non-Citizen Voting.”�

The study says tens if not hundreds of thousands of non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, are registered to vote nationwide. Former Federal Election Commission member von Spakovsky points out the U.S. expects individuals, when they register to vote, to comply with the law and not register if they are not American citizens –�but people are clearly breaking that law and there is no way for the government to detect it, he states.
non-citizen voting is likely growing at the same rate as the alien population in the U.S.

This qualifies as a DUH report. I mean did anyone actually believe that people who bust across our borders and sponge off our government social services would actually bother to follow the rules when it comes time to register to vote?

I wonder if Nancy Pelosi along with Obama’s ACORN organization are signing these illegals up to vote for Obama? And we thought the Republicans where the only ones who stole elections! Do I hear a collective DUH?

This surely explains how we ended up with a candidate like Obama for Pres.

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