Wisdom Wednesday: Jesus is Passe

“He’s passé. Nobody cares about Mickey anymore. There
are whole batches of Mickeys we just can’t give away.
I think we should phase him out.” — Roy Disney, Walt
Disney’s brother, 1937

Having first of all the knowledge that in the last days there will be men who, ruled by their evil desires, will make sport of holy things, Saying, Where is the hope of his coming? From the death of the fathers till now everything has gone on as it was from the making of the world. 2 Peter 3:3-4 (BBE)

Like many funny animal characters, Mickey Mouse wears clothes, stands on two legs, has prehensile hands, and talks

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Three theme parks and billions of dollars later it would appear that Mickey the Mouse is more popular today than in 1937. Billions have heard and seen at least one Mickey Mouse cartoon in their life time and many have purchased Disney Licensed merchandise.

Had Walt Disney given up on the idea of Mickey Mouse like his brother suggested in 1937 than the whole Disney franchise would have been nothing more than a dream. Instead it has become one of the largest, if not the largest, entertainment conglomerates in the world.

Christianity has been under attack by scoffers and nonbelievers since Christ walked on the earth. For over 2000 years naysayers would have us believe that Jesus has lost his appeal. Scoffers say nobody cares about Jesus anymore. There are churches closing their doors each year and we can not seem to give religion away. Therefore we should just phase Jesus out of our life.

Regardless of the Roy Disneys of the world, just like Mickey, Jesus is still influencing millions of lives all over the world. Even without theme parks, although there are several in the works or already operating in the United States, Jesus is still alive and well in 2008.

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