Circus goes Prime Time: See the pregnant man

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The media seems bizarrely obsessed with the story of “Thomas Beatie,” aka Tracy Lagondino. Beatie, a woman who legally changed her sex to “male,” retained all of her internal female organs at the same time she took testosterone, grew a beard and had breast removal surgery. She then “married” her lesbian partner, Nancy. Nancy proceeded to artificially inseminate her “husband.” And so the press has announced that Thomas/Tracy (Thracy, let’s call her) is the world’s first “pregnant man.”
If Thracy is a man, then so is Rosie O’Donnell. Thracy has two X chromosomes, a fully functioning set of female genitalia, and a uterus
Though Thracy’s decision to artificially inseminate herself is the height of narcissism, it is hardly a medical anomaly.
Testosterone doesn’t make a woman a man. And a bearded pregnant woman doesn’t make wrong right, no matter what the media says.

Another freak show hits TV. Oprah has normalized the Jerry Springer show. And I thought Freaks and Geeks was canceled from prime time TV. I guess I was wrong.

This poor woman, man, trans gender, transsexual, mentally disturbed person needs help not applause. Our society has lost its moorings if this abnormal behavior is considered the new norm. God help us all.

I really feel badly for Tracy, who was born a girl and apparently lost her way somewhere in her formative years. We need to pray for this lost soul who apparently hates herself so much that she was willing to mutilate herself in an attempt to find love she so desperately craves.

What does society do? Exploits these poor souls for personal gain and aggrandizement. And to think that millions of people watch the “O” show. “O MY” might be more appropriate.

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