South Carolina Evangelicals Ditch Scripture and Vote Trump

Ever heard the “we’re electing a president, not a pastor” line? Ever heard that sort of thing passionately flung from the mouth of a politically active professing Christian? Perhaps even from a popular Christian “leader”?

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With Donald Trump taking a full third of the evangelical vote in last weekend’s South Carolina primary, it’s clear that professing Christians in America are once again leading the culture deeper into darkness by living out their own long-held and oft-advertised penchant for separating the political, legal, economic, and civil governmental realms from the lordship of Christ.


Way to go, evangelicals!


Way to lead!


Way to model obedience to the King and dedication to His Gospel-fueled Great Commission!


Isn’t it amazing how professing Christians can completely ignore biblical counsel when it comes to their personal lives and choices. I have always wondered how a professing Evangelical Christian could vote for a democrat candidate since the party has a whole does not stand for biblical values, not one, and yet evangelicals can be seen happily pulling the lever for one democrat candidate after another.


Apparently evangelical Christians have been brain-washed into believing that Christ should only occupy the church house and not the White House. or the court house, or the upper house or the people’s house. How sad! How tragic! How blind! How sinful!

South Carolina evangelical voters turned out in record numbers to pull the lever for the Trumpster, and much like the last two elections, biblical counsel is getting barred from the voting booth.

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