Wichita State University Under Fire for Removing Chapel Pews to Accommodate Muslims

WICHITA, Kansas — A university in Kansas is under fire after it made alterations to its Christian chapel to accommodate Muslims. According to reports, the Grace …

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Personally I am in favor of outlawing all pews in America. Most I find to be very uncomfortable and restrictive. Pews take up a great deal of floor space which only allows for straight line seating. Theaters have rows of seats so that everyone can be focused on the play or movie going forth up front. However churches are supposed to be meeting places for God’s people to congregate and focus on God ABOVE not standing elevated on a platform before. Besides removal of restrictive pews may free the congregations to be a bit less formal in their approach to worship and fellow members of God’s church. Imagine if all that floor space was opened up to alternative activities besides sitting in a straight row.
Now as far as Muslims worshiping in a chapel is concerned, if the Chapel space was given to the university with the intention of including all faiths then by rights Muslims have the same right to access the building as any other religious group. However if it was dedicated for the worship of God and God alone then the university and its staff will run afoul of God upon utilizing the space for the worship of foreign gods.
Do Muslims have a right to pray to their God in America and on a college campus. Yes.
Should Muslims be allowed to worship in a Christian church? No unless they repent of the worship of foreign gods and accept Jesus as their only Lord and Savior. After all they have their own Mosques to worship Allah in.
Do many Christian churches in America actually worship the one and only true God? The evidence for some is hard to find.
And that is the way I see it what say you?

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