The need for conviction and authority in ethics

“Ethics in America are headed downward at an ever-increasing rate. To counter this trend, two factors are needed to properly teach and develop ethics.

First, a heartfelt, deep-seated conviction that believes there is a right way and a wrong way to do things—and an ethical life is about seeking the right way. Some will pay an external consultant to develop their ethical guidelines. The result will be a politically correct tome—divorced from the reality of everyday operations, as it sits and gathers dust. Like a mercenary soldier, it’s not useful when the going gets tough. Externally developed ethics that are never embraced with conviction by the organization’s leadership will rot on the vine.

Second, to teach ethics one must submit to an external authority that is credible, fair, wise, well-balanced, proven, apolitical, and timeless. Where can we find such a daunting collection of wisdom? The Bible is the best place, and even unbelieving folks agree.

When the Berlin Wall fell, leaders of the Soviet Union desired to change their culture, seeking Christian organizations to teach the Bible. Not because they wanted salvation or to become Christians, but because they knew biblical principles were different and had worked for centuries.

Uganda’s leaders hired a humanist consultant to advise how they could improve their country’s economy. After extensive study, the consultant’s recommendation was a Judeo-Christian work ethic. In other words, you need people to live, work, and behave according to biblical principles, because those principles are credible, fair, wise, balanced, proven, not populist, and timeless. They work best because their Creator wrote them.

Apart from conviction and authority, one can teach pragmatism, utilitarianism, how to avoid bad press and jail time, and how to make prudent decisions—but not ethics. May we pray for these two vital factors to flourish in the teaching and development of ethics.

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There is a push to remove all religion from the public square. The only problem with that is you remove God along with the removal of religion and therefore are only left with sinful man setting the standards by which all men should live.

The blind leading the blind, is it any wonder we find ourselves in one ditch or another? Our founders knew that there was a greater authority to which we needed to submit ourselves and our nation. It was with this understanding, born out of the enlightenment, that they penned those famous words that all men are created equal they are endowed by their creator with  certain inalienable rights. Those rights are granted to them by God and not allocated by governments or philosophers or teachers.

When we discard the first principle that life is a result of purposeful creation then we are left with a nation much like we find in the book of Judges, there was no king so everyone did what they thought was right in their own eyes. This is America today. A nation set adrift on the vane philosophies of man with no rudder to guide them other than their own intellects and reasoning. Without God there is no righteous law nor is there any hope of ethical standards.

That is the way I see it what say you?

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2 thoughts on “The need for conviction and authority in ethics

    1. Thanks for stopping by. As far as the religious angle to today’s news. You are not alone many do not pause to consider that perhaps there is a higher power greater than themselves. Which is what the ‘enlightenment’ period in world history was all about.

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