“It’s a symbol of racism, really if you think about it…”

Source: www.ijreview.com

A silly story perhaps but let us not forget the climate in which we now live. America is being ripped apart at the seems by ‘liberal progressive’ ideology that exists to pit one group of people against another. Their very existence requires victims, and if there are not enough victims they make them.

Stop to think we have entered a time when the government can tell a person what he must buy, how much of he he is allowed to buy, from whom he must make the purchase, and how much he will have to pay for it. On the other hand the government also can force a business to stop selling something or force them to sell something they would not normally sell.

There are some in our society who feel that this is exactly what the government should be doing, policing individual actions and deciding for the general public what is in its best interest. We are no longer free to express ourselves openly and honestly. Freedom of speech and expression has been replaced with approved speech and expression. Only what the government feels is appropriate can be uttered or expressed.

So now the NYPD feels that a replica of a TV SHOW prop is now racist. So I guess if you live in NY you can not longer view the Dukes of Hazzard TV show because if you do you are a racist.


Welcome to the nanny state. The last time I checked nannies were hired to BABYSIT infants and children. Perhaps it is time we all grow up and become ADULTS!



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