To Judge Or Not to Judge – There Is No Question

To Judge Or Not to Judge – There Is No Question


The admonishment not to judge is absurd. Human beings are provided with cognitive faculties precisely in order to make determinations, thus to judge every experience, every object, every action and every person they come into contact with. No one would survive if he could not judge something or someone. Experience has already taught us that if we do not judge the person coming toward us waving a gun, we are likely to get shot. Our natural reaction in such circumstances is flight, and a healthy reaction it is. Or we prepare to defend ourselves, a second, direr alternative. In any case, the sum of our experience, combined with our logic and cognitive faculties, both tools of nature which enable us to anticipate experience, give us the tools not merely to avoid difficult, unpleasant or dangerous actions, but to survive.


The mechanism we use to survive is our ability to discriminate, something we are also told not to do. But we cannot suspend our discrimination because discrimination is also natural to the cognitive process. The definition of discrimination is the act of differentiating or distinguishing the various elements of reality that are before us.

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