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Who Was Kayla Mueller? – Op-Eds – Arutz Sheva

A look at the writings of the ISIS victim shows her support and aid to Palestinian Arab terror groups, her acting as a human shield for them, and her active participation in anti-Israel protests. Rachel Corrie did the same.

Sadly, she was allegedly killed by the Jordanian air raid attacks according to ISIS who held her hostage, although the United States says there is no evidence to that effect. The truth of how Kayla Mueller, 26, died may never be discerned.

As I read this story telling the other side of the Kayla Mueller story I hear the famous words of Paul Harvey’s now for the rest of the story. It would appear from some sources that the ‘missional’ Kayla Mueller may have actually been more of an ICS activist and not on a mission of mercy after all.

ISIL in Libya Beheads 21 Christians

And I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus,” wrote the Apostle John in Revelation.

On Sunday, a video surfaced that showed the black-clad jihadists of the ISIL franchise in Libya, The Islamic State in Tripoli Province, beheading 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, staining the waves with blood.

The jihadists made it clear: They beheaded the men because they were “people of the cross, followers of the hostile [sic] Egyptian Church” and announced their aspiration to capture Rome.

Egypt launched swift retaliation, bombing at least seven locations in Libya. Meanwhile, Barack Obama still denied the religious causes of the violence when in his White House statement he said, “We offer our condolences to the families of the victims and our support to the Egyptian government and people as they grieve for their fellow citizens.

ISIL’s barbarity knows no bounds.” Not only does Obama deny the religious motivations of ISIL, he dishonors victims by denying why they were murdered. Not knowing the enemy – that’s how wars are lost.

Obama has said in the past the the Christian’s have stains in their past and he pointed to the crusades which were wars waged against Arab aggression. Historians note that these crusades proved to be rather ineffectual in their efforts to thwart the Muslim aggression. Perhaps they too underestimated the barbarity of these Muslim terrorists. These groups are bloodthirsty and their barbarism knows no bounds. These groups are not civil and they do not respect life. The view there fight as holy and right and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of world domination. Submit of die is the Muslim cry to all infidels.

Civil societies have a hard time dealing with such barbarism because they are constrained by human decency, a Christian moral compass, that restrains their actions and stays their hand from returning upon the heads of these barbarics the same cruelty they dish out.

The Israelites where faced with a really tough decision when God commanded them to utterly destroy the people in whose land He was giving to the Israelites as and inheritance.

16 However, you must not let any living thing survive among the cities of these people the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance.

17 You must completely destroy them-the Hittite, Amorite, Canaanite, Perizzite, Hivite, and Jebusite-as the Lord your God has commanded you,

18 so that they won’t teach you to do all the detestable things they do for their gods, and you sin against the Lord your God. Deut 20:16-18

God had driven these people from the land because of their DETESTABLE PRACTICES and the THINGS THEY WOULD DO FOR THEIR gods.

I can understand why it would be hard to completely whip out a people including women and children and livestock. You see these people do not hesitate to kill women and children and whip out anyone who gets in their way. I wonder if God would call these acts DETESTABLE?

Egypt is doing what America and others threatened by ISIS should be doing. Go on the offensive with a war plan whose goal is the complete elimination of these groups who are doing these detestable practices for their gods.

And that is the way I see it what say you?

Tail Feathers

Other news and views from across the cyberscape

Spontaneous Order vs. Government Junkies

Most of life happens without a central planner. Yet people think we need one. Suppose you’d never seen a skating rink, and I told you that I want to lay down some ice and charge people money to strap sharp blades on their feet. They will zip around on the ice – young and old, skilled and unskilled. My only rule: Go counter-clockwise.

Our society functions much like skaters on a skating rink, each skater making instantaneous decisions and changing positions and directions as they seem best to maneuver the rink to their joy and delight. In their pursuit for happiness they would strap on their skates and enter the ice rink to go around and around weaving in and out of the other skaters and at the end of the day they would have pursued their happiness.

Central planners (government regulators) have difficulty understanding spontaneous order and they feel that they have to control every aspect of an individual’s life so that NO HARM will come to the general public. The only problem is these few elite so-called experts are incapable of controlling the zig and zag of skaters on an ice rink let alone the billions of decisions being made every minute of every day by individuals in their pursuit of happiness.

BIG NEWS: Scott Walker Didn’t Finish College

So what? Our country is being led down the tubes by college educated individuals right now. Maybe it is time to let the COMMON MAN take the reigns for a while.

Where do you get punished for defending free speech? At a university, of course

Study: Public schools not as good as parents might think

Believe in traditional marriage? We don’t want you, says Red Cross

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