Views From the Nest 2-11-2005

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Top of the Nest

Crony capitalism, not lousy output, worst part of giant solar plant

The world’s largest solar power plant opened this week in Southern California and while some are applauding the operations, others are not. The 550-megawatt Desert Sunlight solar project is in the town of Desert Center, California. That’s near the Joshua Tree National Park. Officials say the project generates enough electricity to power 160,000 homes, USA Today reported.

Desert Sunlight is owned by three mega-million dollar corporations, and yet they are given TAXPAYER money as loan guarentees to invest in this project. A similar project in Nevada has not lived up to its hype for power production. The reason given for its underperformance was it was cloudy. Most of these ‘green energy initiatives’ are not profitable businesses therefore in order to entice mega-million dollar businesses to invest in a loosing project is to guarentee them TAXPAYER funded loans. If the companies fail the taxpayer will be given the bill. Heck I would start a business if I had the guarentee of the federal government that someone else was going to pay for it if it failed.

How much more of this crony-capitialism are we going to take? Remember for every dollar the federal government gives to these multi-million dollar corporations is one less dollar you have to provide for your family. We have to work very hard for the dollars we earn, we do not have a deep pocketed sugar daddy handing us millions of dollars to line our pockets with.

The Supreme Court Seems to Be Clearing the Way for Federally Recognized Gay Marriage

In much the same way that the Supreme Court “legalized” abortion, the liberal justices seem to be moving to “legalize” gay marriage. This is to say that the Court is in no way “legalizing” anything, but instead ruling that the states cannot make these things “illegal”.

Congress Defies Obama, Approves Keystone XL Pipeline

U.S. a lot redder since ’08: Study shows massive shift

Ironically, after Americans voted a Democratic president into the White House in 2008, a sweeping shift to the Right has manifested from coast-to-coast – possibly signifying nationwide discontent with the Obama administration’s liberal policies and government intrusions.

Dispite all efforts of progressives and liberals to paint America blue, it would appear that the America actually has RED BLOOD running through her veins. Efforts are underway by the grassroots to manage the federal leviathan at the state and local levels.

There is a tangible movement throughout the land to take America back to her roots, back to the Constitutional Republic entrusted to us by her founders.

The Tyranny of Minority: How special interests groups are destroying our republic

When America’s Founding Fathers gathered in Philadelphia in the Summer of 1787 to write a Constitution for the United States, they were undoubtedly and collectively under the guidance of the Creator, from whom they acknowledged as the grantor of all human rights and the Blessings of Liberty.

Americans from coast to coast in all walks of life are being savagely stripped of their rights and freedoms on a daily basis. While certain rights and freedoms have been stripped away by unconscionable and callous acts of the Democratic majority Congress in 2009-2010, the majority of this new tyranny is the even more callous and evil actions of unelected administrative bureaucrats in Washington, unelected judiciary at the state and federal level, and the unelected, unappointed and unaccountable “ special interest groups “ with agendas clearly destructive of rights and freedoms of the American people. Unlike the “ Tyranny of the Majority “ so rightly feared by our founders more than two centuries ago, this new and terrifying wave of despotic rule is a “ Tyranny of the Minority “ .

Informed Americans are painfully aware of the destructive forces called “ special interest groups “, who, representing tiny but inordinately powerful minorities, have “ chipped away at the base of the Liberty Tree “ to the point that it is in grave danger of being toppled and replaced by dictatorship of the powerful few.

From the Cuckoo’s Nest

Feminist aborts baby boy because she hates all men

Tail Feathers

Other News of Note

Reports highlight international corruption, U.S. complicity

Gallup: Americans want stricter abortion laws

Alabama judges refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Hackers loyal to ISIS hit PCA church websites, others

The Last Word

Christian Apologist Destroys Obama’s Crusades vs Jihad Argument!

Ravi Zacharias is a brilliant Christian apologist who routinely travels the world debating the foremost secular thinkers on various Christianity-related topics. A man of keen mind and of boundless graciousness, Zacharias was staggered by President Obama’s recent decision to compare Islamic jihad to the Crusades of almost 1000 years ago.

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