Vermont’s Giving Up On Single-Payer Health Care Over Ballooning Costs

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is canceling his dream plan to create a single-payer health system in the state, he announced Wednesday.


Tax hikes required to pay for the system would include a 11.5 percent payroll tax as well as an additional income tax ranging all the way up to 9.5 percent. Shumlin admitted that in the current climate, such a precipitous hike would be disastrous for Vermont’s economy.


This is the common problem with all these social programs. Forcing other people to pay for another’s personal responsibilities, by funneling money through government bureaucracies creates unaccountability which leads to cost over-runs and waste, fraud and abuse. When a person has a personal stake in his or her financial well-being he or she is more likely to consider cost-saving methods.


The state had been anticipating $267 million in federal funding to revamp its system, courtesy of a 2013 Obamacare waiver — but the current estimate has fallen to $106 million.


In other words the state was hoping the rest of the country would pay for this goofy idea.


Vermont also overestimated by $150 million in federal Medicaid funding. But beyond federal funding, the report also admits that the single-payer system won’t save money as Vermont officials had planned.


This is the problem with Obamacare, it does nothing to stem the rising cost of health care, but it was never intended to do so. The entire purpose of Obamacare and all the other failed social programs is to garner more control over an individuals personal choices and freedoms. To regulate the citizen to subject status whereby putting a central authority in charge of all their individual decisions. We the people become wards of the state.


That is not what I want for my children what say you?

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