when a “good girl” meets the gospel.

Those who are forgiven much love much. But what about those who think that there is nothing that they need to be forgiven of?

Jesus says that he has come to seek the sick not those who are well. So if someone does not think they are sick do they know the depth of God’s love?

When a “good girl” meets the gospel addresses this issue. It isn’t until we see our own wickedness that we are then able to see the greatest of God’s love.

my cup runneth over

square goodgirl

I couldn’t understand why the last words of this story made my heart uneasy.

This woman publicly known as a sinner slips into the same room with Jesus at a dinner party and begins to wash his feet with her costly ointment and her hair, weeping. The other guests shoot glares and make judgments not about the woman [for her reputation outruns her] but about the character of Jesus. For if he only knew who was touching him, he would not let his reputation be stained by such filth.

Jesus slices through their judgement by asking this question, “Who would love more? He [or she] who is forgiven less or forgiven more?” And while they presented the obvious answer, their hearts were numb to the reality. Jesus turns to the woman and says,

“Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much. But he who is…

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