How Best to Annoy a Liberal

Read from the Holy Writ.

Nothing is more sacred to a liberal then his or her own ideology. No one has greater insight then they, no one understands all of life’s issues as well as they. ALL other writs or ideologies must acquiesce to their superior wisdom. No one but they hold the entirety of earth’s wisdom. None can compare to their superior knowledge and inerrancy.

You will notice that they never make a bad decision nor enact a bad or inferior law. All laws, writs, traditions, ideologies are subject to revision by these intellectual giants with only one exception, anything they write or legislate, those laws and writs are sacrosanct and can not be questioned, argued, challenged, or amended. Even the very constitution of this great nation can be rewritten, re-interpreted and even ignored, but nothing these intellectuals set to print is ever up for rebuke, rebuttal, or revocation.

Is it any wonder then that the inerrant word of God would offend these self-appointed arbiters of all that is right?

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