"In our private pursuits it is a great advantage that every honest employment is deemed honorable. I am myself a nail-maker." –Thomas Jefferson, Jean Nicolas DÈmeunier, 1795

Since today is Labor Day I thought it appropriate to honor those who labor amongst us. They’re pursuits are honorable and should be cherished. Recently our society has become polarized by political rhetoric that demonize the achievers through ridicule and derision. Those who worked hard to achieve the American dream are now subjected to a nightmare of political posturing and a constant barrage of hate speech. This used to not be the case in America. We used to strive to be like those who succeeded, now it appears we would rather pull them down to our level of mediocrity then to lift ourselves up to their higher standard of excellence. Mediocre is not what made America great, exceptionalism was. The only way back from this downgrading of America is to once again aim for the stars. The grounding of our Space program is not the only thing Obama has brought low. His policies have reduced America to a level of mediocrity we have never seen in this country before.

We need to reiterate the words of Thomas Jefferson and once again honor the "pursuit of happiness" espoused in our Declaration of Independence. America shall rise again only if we honor those who labor amongst us.