Pop Goes the Gospel- June 2009 Edition

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

Welcome to the June 2009 edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel.” I am a day late getting this up on the net because I was away this weekend. It was nice to be away and not having to think about my “TO DO” list but like all vacations they come to an end and the “TO DO” list has become a “DID NOT DO” list. So the first on my “DID NOT DO” list was to post the latest edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel” so here it is. Enjoy!

Feature Post

This month’s feature blog post was submitted by Robert Minto. Robert has submitted in the past and as usual has great things to say. His article is well written and contains plenty to makes us pause and reflect.

Robert Minto presents Identity & “The Good Shepherd” posted at The Veil Away, Robert relates the Film “The Good Shepherd” with our identity in Christ. What does our identity say about us? Does keeping our identity a secret bring with it consequences? I choice this post to feature this month because it was well written and addressed an important question. Who are you, really? Nice job Robert and congratulations on being chosen this month’s feature blogger.

In Media

Justin Allison presents Influence of the local church posted at Old Testament Ecology.Justin asked and answered the question: “What impact does the Gospel have in people’s lives in comparison to the impact media, the government, the workforce, or life in general have?” His conclusion: “To sum up, the local church which I am a part of has much more influence in my life than taxes, government, or media.” Read the rest of the story to find out how he arrived at this conclusion.

In Church Life

Fiona Veitch Smith presents The Cyber Church posted at Fiona Veitch Smith, Fiona makes a compelling case for “cyber-church meeting places. Her rationale would seem to flow that with the ever increasing use of the Internet for everyday activities shouldn’t church attendances be considered along with shopping and information gathering? Is the cyber community disconnected from real life? Read this post and decide for yourself. Comments are always welcomed. Let the poster know you were there.

andriel presents The Basis for Salvation: Man is Sinful posted at ReturningKing.com, Andriel a regular contributor to this blog carnival is never shy about tackling hot button issues and once again he tackles a biggie; sin. Read his post on this touchy subject and see for yourself.

In Culture

Aaron M. G. Zimmerman presents Mockingbird: U2: Seekers to Saints to Sinners to Saved (by Grace)–Part 1 posted at Mockingbird, saying, “This is the first of a four part series on U2’s interaction with evangelical Christianity. It tracks them from their early fervent piety, to their struggle to reconcile their faith with the demands of legalistic Christians, to their prodigal years, and finall to their recent re-discovery of grace as the beating heart of the Gospel. It comes from the Mockingbird blog, a site whose constant purpose is to find connections between pop culture and the Gospel of God’s one-way love for sinners. The blog does this with humor, a bit of irony, and a ton of grace.”

Keith Tusing presents How to Partner with Parents and Protect Kids in Our Culture posted at CM Buzz.Keith offers a basic how-to for a churche’s ministry to children. He cites the need for a church’s cultural input into a child’s life. He suggests the need for more “voices speaking truth and wisdom” in a child’s life considering they are immersed in a sea of cultural corruption daily.

Kiesha presents Don’t Let Your Fears Talk You Out of Success posted at Highly Favored.Kiesha shares some personal stories of missed opportunities in an attempt to encourage everyone to not let opportunities pass you by because you are too afraid to act upon them. Take a chance and let God make up for your inabilities with His ability. This is a good read.

In Education

Shannon Christman presents The Christian College Porn Star: How Should Christian Schools Handle Students’ Sin? posted at The Minority Thinker, Shannon asks a tough question, and I believe she did not mean for it to be rhetorical so she welcomes other’s input on the subject. What should a Christian do when he/she sees a brother/sister in Christ overcome in a sin? The bible says Brothers and sisters, if a person gets trapped by wrongdoing, those of you who are spiritual should help that person turn away from doing wrong. Do it in a gentle way. At the same time watch yourself so that you also are not tempted. Gal 6:1 (GW)  What say you? Take some time to answer Shannon’s question. Spark some dialog.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Pop Goes the Gospel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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6 thoughts on “Pop Goes the Gospel- June 2009 Edition

  1. Thanks so much for including me in this excellent collection. It’s good to see a carnival host actually reading the posts and summarising them.

    May God strengthen you as you tackle your ‘to do’ list.


    1. It is my pleasure. There is much to be learned if we take the time to listen to others. God is a very big God and He speaks in many different ways and in many different languages, it behooves us to listen intently for we never know when God will speak. Thanks for taking the time to submit your article to this blog carnival and I hope you will continue to submit your best posts. Thank you Fiona.

    1. Well Robert it takes good submissions like yours to make for a great carnival. Thanks for your post and keep them coming. I enjoy reading them if no one else does. 🙂

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