When you think you have it all together; think again

The actress Jennifer Lawrence, famous for her role in The Hunger Games films, has had a long battle with anxiety and insecurity. In a 2014 interview, she said:


[In middle school] there are all these peers judging you, and you’re never good enough, never wearing the right outfit, saying the right thing. I want everyone to like me. Who doesn’t? Then you grow up and become famous, and it’s the same thing multiplied by a billion.


When she saw herself on a recent TV program being interviewed, she had a full-fledged panic attack. Ms. Lawrence said,


“All of a sudden it was like being hit by a train—this realization of how many people are looking at me, how many opinions there are.”


In her worst moments, she’s certain her career will come crashing down. “People are going to get sick of me,” she said. “I’m way too annoying. But if people want to start a backlash [against me], I’m the captain of the team. As much as you hate me, I’m ten steps ahead of you.”

—Celebrities seem to have it all, but apart from Christ, like the rest of us, they will struggle with anxiety and insecurity.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

It is easy to get fixated on our shortcomings if all we have as a frame of reference is ourselves or someone else. It is easy to think that the other person has it all together because they are famous, or popular, but we all wrestle with our own insecurities. Some have a  very low self-esteem while others seem to reek with self-confidence. Just because a person may seem to have life all figured out  does not mean that they do no struggle in private.

Our focus should not be on ourselves, or even fixated on a celebrity. We should seek a higher vision instead. On not corruptible by the stains of this world.

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