My Way by Obama

“my way or the highway” approach will not produce a deal. “I don’t see a path to a deal if they don’t budge. Period,” Obama said at a press conference Monday.

For two years Obama and the democrats did things their way and completely ignored the American people now he is attempting to smear the republicans who are trying to do what WE THE PEOPLE sent them to congress to do. We the people do not wish to compromise with those in congress who set a course of ruin for this country. We stand firmly behind those congressmen who are attempting to roll back this out-of-control government. We the people demand the Government credit card be cut up. We demand the check book be balanced. We demand that the government learn to live within its means. We the people demand that our government stop spending more money then they take in and we the people REFUSE to pay more into this bloated government.

What do you have to say?

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