God the Only Hope for Haiti

Although every effort is being made in America to remove any mention of Jesus or God from the country there are parts of the world that welcome the message and mission of Jesus Christ. An example can be found in the mountains of Haiti. A nation devoted to Voodoo and devastated by poverty and a January earthquake, shows sparks of hope from the ministry of William Charles founder of Mountain Top MInistries.

From one church there arose schools, a medical clinic, a clean water system, and homes for the village residents. Although the village previously had no church but 5 voodoo temples, no clean water, hardly any jobs and no hope.

Yes friends Jesus is still the answer for the world today.

Amplify’d from visiontoamerica.org

Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January has turned the world’s attention to the poverty-stricken country and its myriad of problems. But a small village up in the mountainous region of Haiti offers hope for the troubled country to experience remarkable transformation spiritually and economically.

Willem Charles, the founder and leader of Mountain Top Ministries (MTM), has dared to challenge voodoo and the status quo. In the process, he has built schools, a medical clinic, a water line system, a church, and homes for residents of Gramothe village, about an hour drive from Port-au-Prince.

Ten years ago, there was no church; only five voodoo temples. There was also no school, no clean water, barely any jobs, and no hope in the village.

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