Tweets from last Week

# This Week’s Golden Eagle Award Winner: Manuel Gonzalez: To go where no man had gone before, to enter into the da… 6:23 PM Oct 17th via twitterfeed

“Fed Mulls Raising Inflation Expectations to Boost Economy – Bloomberg” Proving again how badly the Feds fiscal bailouts have failed. Inflation is coming and these guys have no clue how to fix the economy. __2/2 10:46 PM Oct 14th via

“Gold Prices: Gold Settles at Record High Above $1,370 – CNBC” while the dollar sinks to record lows. Could the two be connected? __2/2 10:43 PM Oct 14th via

Did you know? Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid eat up 41% of all non-interest federal program spending. Unchecked, this will grow to 62% over the next decade. and this is before Obamacare kicks in full bore __2/2 10:35 PM Oct 14th via

Bloomberg reports that the U.S. DOT is working on a plan to ban all cell phone use by drivers, incl hands-free tech. Heck why not just ban driving and then the highways will be accident free. __2/2 9:52 AM Oct 11th via

“Economy Watch – True unemployment rate rises to 16.8%” although the WH report says it is at 9.6%. Deceptive? Lying? 9:48 AM Oct 11th via

“Barack Obama: Do As I say Not As I Do talk about arrogance and hypocrisy. 9:44 AM Oct 11th via

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