Illegal Activity of Illegal Aliens Equals a Good Citizen?

Does this individual appear to you to be interested in making America a better place to live for everyone or rather like someone who thinks America owes him something just because he says so? Well obviously the latter is the case. So now I ask you if an individual performs an illegal act does that make the person guilty of an illegality? If so then is it okay to call them criminals? Okay if it is okay to call someone breaking the law a criminal then how come people who trespass on private property are not considered criminals but instead they are considered necessary to our economy? The individual in this picture obviously thinks America owes him health care, a job, tax free income, a house and all the food he wants to eat, paid for by someone else. And apparently our President agrees with this sentiment because he thinks these folks should be given a pathway to citizenship.

What do you have to say?

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