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Decent people will live in the land. People of integrity will remain in it. But wicked people will be cut off from the land and treacherous people will be torn from it. Prov 2:21-22 (GW)

Several centuries before Christ, Alexander the Great came out of Macedonia and Greece to conquer the Mediterranean world. On one of his campaigns, Alexander received a message that one of his soldiers had been continually, and seriously, misbehaving and thereby shedding a bad light on the character of all the Greek troops. And what made it even worse was that this soldier’s name was also Alexander. When the commander learned this, he sent word that he wanted to talk to the errant soldier in person. When the young man arrived at the tent of Alexander the Great, the commander asked him, “What is your name?” The reply came back, “Alexander, sir.” The commander looked him straight in the eye and said forcefully, “Soldier, either change your behavior or change your name.” This story has a lesson for each of us. When we call ourselves Americans, we are identifying with this nation and the principles upon which it was established. When we swear allegiance to the flag we stand with others to defend the Constitution of these United States of America. We are being . identified with the United States of America. Is your behavior compatible with that name and with the symbol that shows that you are an American?

Great Seal of the State of Arizona
Image via Wikipedia

Arizona is soon to enact what some say is an ill-conceived immigration enforcement act. This statute does not affect other states, nor is it enforceable across state lines. The law strictly forbids police officers to ask an individual for identification unless the officers encounter a suspect while in the course of enforcing another infraction of the state statutes. For an example; a person walking down the street of downtown Phoenix should not, and can not, be detained by police and questioned to produce identification unless that person has committed a crime. Seems to me the bill is reasonably restrictive.

Compare that to the law that requires identification when purchasing cough medicine at the local Target. Which seems to be more reasonable to you? To be asked to produce identification after being stopped for breaking a law or being asked to produce ID to buy over-the-counter cough medicine? If you answered the cough medicine then you must be a liberal democrat set on demonizing legitimate behavior in order to legitimize illegitimate behavior.

Another example would be the mandatory, random drug tests administered to commercial drivers. Isn’t this an invasion of one’s privacy also? Is there proof or suspicion that the person being tested is using an illegal substance? If there is no reasonable suspicion that they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol then why are they being required to submit to a random test? Shouldn’t people who show signs of the possibility of being under the influence have to take a random drug test? Why should someone who has never used drugs or alcohol have to be subjected to this form of interrogation? Why aren’t the picket sign carrying activists protesting this injustice? Or are only those who actually commit a crime entitled to political action?

Why must law-abiding citizens be treated like suspects when there is NO Reasonable suspicion that these citizens are doing anything illegal? Well that is the rationale being used to justify opposition to the Arizona immigration enforcement bill.

Constantly we hear the din of political activists demonizing the Arizona bill for profiling illegal aliens and yet everyday many law-abiding, natural-born, citizens are asked to produce their identification. If it is reasonable that I should have to show my photo ID to the cashier at Target to purchase over-the-counter cough medicine, then it is just as reasonable for a suspected immigrate to be asked to present ID to a police officer. I wonder what illegal aliens produce when they buy cough medicine at their local Target?

Entering Arizona on I-10 from New Mexico (west...
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It would seem that those who oppose Arizona’s immigration enforcement policy want it both ways. They want to avoid producing any proof of ID to any local official and at the same time they want to be granted the rights of a legal citizen without having to prove they belong here. That to me sounds unreasonable, not the Arizona bill requiring someone show ID when asked by a law enforcement officer.

The cashier at Target is not a law enforcement officer but I had to present to her proof of my ID before I could buy cough medicine. Of course I could have refused to show her my ID but then I would not have been able to purchase the medicine. The illegals, however, would like to refuse to show ID and still buy the medicine, and cry discrimination if they were denied. Activists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would stand shoulder to shoulder with them decrying America as a racist nation.

This is a capricious argument really. Why would decent law-abiding citizens want lying and devious people living in their neighborhoods? Make no mistake about it, if you entered this country illegally you are here illegally. There are many foreigners within our borders who have over stayed their visas as well. Once again the Government is not enforcing their own immigration laws thusly allowing for continued illegal activity within our borders. All anyone is asking reasonable people to do is act responsibly and enter our country properly and for the right reasons. If you are only coming here to steal from the rightful citizenry their jobs and property then perhaps a jail cell should be waiting for you not a red carpet, open door amnesty policy.

Portland Police Bureau

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Because the federal government has been remiss in enforcing their own immigration laws they have forced states to either put up with illegal activity within their borders or figure out some way to deal with it. Because states are not permitted to legalize immigrants, nor are they, according to the federal government, permitted to deport those who have entered the country illegally, they have to put up with and absorb the costs of this illegal activity within their borders.

Finally enough decent people had enough and demanded that someone do something. So Arizona did and now many nefarious types are crying foul. There is a simple remedy to this problem. show your ID, if you do not have proper identification then I strongly suggest that you get some quick or start packing.

That is how it ought to be. Why should decent people be driven from their land because of the indecent and treacherous people who crash our borders every day? Even the bible supports Arizona’s position. Wisdom dictates the wicked and treacherous should be sent packing. And yet here we are arguing the merits of a local enforcement measure passed by Arizona to protect decent people.

If you are living here decently and with respect for other’s property and our laws then I would think you have absolutely nothing to fear. If however you happen to fall into the treacherous or wicked camp then yes indeed you should be fearing the Arizona law and you should be packing your bags to leave the same way you got here.

And that is just “A View from the Nest” what say you?

But those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength; they will get wings like eagles: running, they will not be tired, and walking, they will have no weariness. Isaiah 40:31 (BBE)

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2 thoughts on “May I See Your Identification?

  1. Very nice essay, I enjoyed it, particularly the opening shot concerning the depth of meaning in a name: “American”. It is not some amorphous blob of whatever various and sundry people say it is. It is something specific, something with boundaries and a shape and a character. It renews itself, but does not change its core principles and integrity. Those who fail to understand this also fail to understand history and the fate of nations who forget from whence they came. We who understand it must do our very best to articulate the idea of America so that it may remain the last, best hope of Earth.

    I have published several essays on this topic, here is the most popular of them (it is in keeping with your theme):

    1. THank you very much for your thoughtful comment. And thank you for introducing me to your blog. I read through a couple of your entries and I will certainly take the time to check out a few more. It is refreshing to know there are others out in cyberspace who hold to common sense approaches to our myriad of problems most of which start in Washington DC. Come often take away what you like and leave behind what you do not. Blessings to you and yours.

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