Israel Is a Sovereign Nation And Therefore Permitted to Defend Itself

A recent AP headline read: “Israel Remains defiant, seizes Gaza-bound aid ship” and the opening paragraph reads:

A defiant Israel enforced its 3-year-old blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza on Saturday, with naval commandos swiftly commandeering a Gaza-bound aid vessel carrying an Irish Nobel laureate and other activists and forcing it to head to an Israeli port instead.

Defiant Israel? Why is defiant used instead of determined, or perhaps steadfast, or maybe even reticent? They are not the ones defying the rule of law, but the boats attempting to crash the legal blockade established by a sovereign nation to protect it’s ports are engaging in defiant behavior.

The organizers of Saturday’s sail said they planned to dispatch as many as three more ships in coming months and that four captains already have volunteered for the missions.

Now that sounds more like DEFIANCE to me. Organizers of those who want to crash through the legal blockade are the ones being defiant. Let’s get some definitions of terms here shall we?


  1. The act or an example of defying; bold resistance to
    an opposing force or authority.
  2. Intentionally
    contemptuous behavior or attitude; readiness to contend or resist

Okay who again is being defiant? The one setting the rules or the one challenging the rules? Is the one enforcing the rule the one who is defiant or the one who is contemptuous of the rule? It would seem to me those that are supporting the flotillas challenging the Egyptian and Israeli blockade are the ones being defiant. The way this article reads they have everything exactly backwards. They make it sound like the Palestinians are the recognized soveign state and Israel is the one acting unlawfully. What other country would stand by and allow anyone to enter their ports without a regard for safety. especially if cargo carrying ships have brought weapons into the region. AP wants Israel to give up their land to militant invaders and leave their own country. That is totally out of whack and if no one else is going to say so I shall.

“What Israel needs to understand is that nothing is accomplished with
force,” said Greta Berlin of the Cyprus-based Free Gaza group, which
sent the latest aid vessel, the Rachel Corrie.

AP wants Israel to understand that nothing is accomplished with force and yet they turn a blind eye to the forcible attempts by the flotilla to break through a legal blockade. Israel has a security concern which is why they set up the blockade to begin with. Egypt apparently agrees that there is a possible threat for they too are participating in the blockade.

Israel said it would block any attempt to reach Gaza by sea, in order to
prevent weapons from reaching the Iranian-backed Islamic militant
group. “Israel … will not allow the establishment of an Iranian port
in Gaza,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Israel and Egypt closed Gaza’s borders after Hamas seized the territory
three years ago from Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The disengenious tenure of this article is appalling. It is written to make it sound like Israel is forbidding humanitary aide from reaching the residents of Gaza which is totally not true. All Israel is forbidding is an Iranian[ backed militant group from establishing a port in Gaza. Israel is more than willing to off load the cargo at another secure port and transport true aid into the Gaza region. Because of the constant missle strikes from Gaza over the years Israel decided to stop the flow of weapons into the region.

Hamas and other groups have fired thousands of rockets and mortars on
Israeli border towns in recent years. The U.S. and Europe, like Israel,
have branded Hamas a terrorist group.

Israeli officials said the cargo was to be unloaded in Ashdod, and items
permitted under blockade rules would be taken to Gaza by land.

The Free Gaza group, which organized Saturday’s sail and other attempts
to break the Gaza embargo, said Saturday it was closing its Cyprus
headquarters and relocating, but won’t stop sending ships to challenge
the blockade.

Doesn’t that sound like defiance to anyone else besides me? In another article we read an entirely different perspective on the Flotilla incident.

One participant told Al Jazeera, “Either the Israelis let us reach Gaza,
or they can stop us . . . . We can also die as martyrs and never
return, which is okay with us.” read the full story here

Again this sounds like a defiant attitude to me does it you?

This same report goes on to say this:

Despite all the misreporting, Gaza is not starving as Israel allows tons
of food, drugs and humanitarian aid to reach Gaza every day. The
entirely legal naval blockade is designed to prevent arms, primarily
from Iran, from reaching the terrorists in Gaza, from which Israel
withdrew in 2005. The flotilla’s aim was not to feed ordinary
Palestinians, but to help Hamas break the embargo so that it can bring
in weapons.

The last sentence sums up the entire intent of the flotilla ships’ defiance of the Egyptian Israeli blockade, they wish to get the international community to force Israel to open the ports in Gaza so that they can ship in weapons along with their so-called humanitarian aide.

Like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this past week Israel is guilty until proven guilty by the UN no matter what they do. There remains a group of people who desire Israel’s total annihilation and will not stop until that happens. Israel is constantly being bombarded with the idea of making peace with Hamas and the Palestinians and yet the Palestinians reciprocate with escalated violence every time Israel relinquishes land. Some people are never satisfied no matter what you give them. The only way to have peace in Israel is if the Palestinian authority is defeated and the people agree to live peaceably with Israel not continue with their desire to take over Israel and capture Jerusalem for their own capital. Now that is what I would call defiance not protecting your country. Resolute, determined, steeled, principled, would be a better description of Israel’s attempts at national security and if I was an Israeli I would not want it any other way.

The Free Gaza group are the ones participating in defiant behavior and yet AP did not mention this fact once in their article. Apparently only Israel can engage in bad behavior everyone else gets a pass.

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