Where Your Tax Dollars Really Go

We the people need to take stock of what is happening to our country. As the government and government workers increase the PRIVATE SECTOR (WE THE PEOPLE) get saddled with the bill. None of these PUBLIC EMPLOYEES produce one dollar towards the financial stability of this country. Each and everyone of these employees are being paid by YOU AND I. You think Obama would think to cut the BUDGET DEFICITS by actually CUTTING the NUMBER of PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS? NAW!!! he would rather raise our taxes and continue to soak us while paying all these paper pushers in the public sector job market.
clipped from washingtontimes.com

Americans often wonder where all our tax money goes. Well, a good chunk finances a steadily growing government work force. State and local governments spent $1.1 trillion on employee wages and benefits in 2008. That’s half of what those governments spent overall.

Also, while the private-sector job market remains bleak, there are more civil service jobs than ever. The U.S. Labor Department projects wage and salary employment in state and local governments will increase 8 percent by 2018.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that state and local government workers earn almost $40 per hour in wages, salaries and benefits. That’s more than 25 percent higher than the combined compensation of the average private-sector job ($27 per hour).

Public-sector employees have more paid leave and receive more than twice the health insurance benefits of private-sector employees. And government employees are famously more secure.

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