Cold Weather Stalls Windpower in Minnesota

Another example of what happens when the ALL KNOWING Government decides they have a better idea. All 20 of the newly installed wind-turbines which were supposed to help reduce fossil fuel energy production has failed to produce any electricity. Sounds like the government full of hot air and accomplishing absolutely nothing but wasting taxpayer money.

So this weeks DODO bird award goes to the officials of Minnesota who actually thought up this lame brain idea. This one certainly has flown over the Cuckoo’s nest.

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Inspecting a windmill in Chaska, Minn. The blades on some in the area have been stationary.

Turbines, more than 100 feet tall, were installed last year in 11 Minnesota cities to provide power, and also to serve as educational symbols in a state that has mandated that a quarter of its electricity come from renewable resources by 2025.

One problem, though: The windmills, supposed to go online this winter, mostly just sat still, people in cities like North St. Paul and Chaska said, rarely if ever budging. Residents took note. Schoolchildren asked questions. Complaints accumulated.

No one knows for sure why these turbines do not. Officials believe there may be several reasons, but weather is the focus of much speculation. It is not as though turbines cannot function in cold places; thousands of them work perfectly well throughout Minnesota and the Midwest, the American Wind Energy Association is quick to note.

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