Former Gitmo Detainee Killed by Saudi Forces

Although declared innocent by liberals in America this one time terrorist was wrongly killed in the line of duty while attempting to blow himself up. Hmm seems to me he was determined to die one way or another.

Instead of releasing these terrorists why not just let them bow themselves up?

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On October 13, Yousef Mohammed al Shiri, one of the innocent young Muslims illegally detained at Guantanamo, was killed somewhere along the Saudi-Yemeni border by Saudi forces while he was preparing for a suicide bombing. I’ve lost count (and so has the Pentagon, apparently), but by January of this year, at least 61 former detainees had returned to jihad. Let’s add at least one to that number.

Just because these detainees want to kill people, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to live in Michigan.
Congress voted to let these innocent men be tried in the United States, but hasn’t cleared the way for incarceration or liberation stateside. Apparently, that’s not enough for Amherst, Massachusetts selectman Gerry Weiss. He’s not too worried about terrorism: “I think they were wrongly imprisoned,” he told the Boston Globe. “I don’t believe they want revenge. I think they would be very grateful to any people that show them some kindness.
Or, better still, Massachusetts.

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