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By Allen Scott

I have fought the good fight. I have completed the race. I have kept the faith. 2 Tim 4:7 (GW)

clip_image00460 Minutes is an American investigative television newsmagazine, which has run on CBS since 1968. The program was created by long time producer Don Hewitt who set it apart by using a unique style of reporter-centered investigation. It has been among the top-rated TV programs for much of its life, and has garnered numerous awards over the years. It is considered by many to be the preeminent investigative television program in the United States. The autumn of 2008 saw the program’s 40th anniversary, and it currently holds the record for the longest continuously running program of any genre scheduled during American network prime time; it has aired at 7 p.m. Eastern Time Sundays since December 7, 1975 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/60_Minutes

Although 60 Minutes has the reputation of being the longest running news program, on Sunday evening Oct 4th, 60 Minutes was not the only 60 minutes in prime time. The evening featured not one but two 60 minute programs when the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the San Diego Chargers in what proved to be a 60 minute nail biter finish.

If you tuned into the first half of the Steelers Chargers match-up you would have left with the feeling that it was going to be a run away win by the Steelers. However after the first 45 minutes the whole atmosphere of the game changed and the remaining 15 minutes proved to be an intense back and forth fight to the finish.

You do not have to be an investigative reporter to understand that anything can happen on any given Sunday Night in the NFL. And Sunday night Oct 4th proved this truism once again.

Although the Steelers where leading 28-0 through three quarters of play San Diego came to life in the fourth quarter and quickly closed the gap on the Steelers lead. Big Ben and his offensive line could not ride out the clock on this match, they would have to play the whole 60 minutes.

The signature ticking time piece made famous by the 60 minutes news program constantly reminded the audience of how much time remained until the end of the program. An avid 60 minutes fan knows the program is not over until Andy Rooney gives his commentary. And a football fan also knows that the game does not end at the third quarter but when the final seconds tick off the scoreboard.

Casual football watchers may have grown bored with the first half of the Steelers Chargers match-up because it was all one-sided. The Steelers appeared to be running away with the game. The Chargers where unable to stop the Steelers offense.

The game was winding down with three quarters of the game past and the Steelers where holding to a commanding lead. But once the fourth quarter started things began to change. The Chargers quickly racked up touchdown after touchdown, even fielding an on-side kick to add points to the score. The gap was quickly closing as the official time piece was ticking off the final 15:00 minutes of play. The final score was determined within the last 2 minutes of the game’s end, proving once again that a football team has to play a full 60 minutes every Sunday. They can not play half a game or even three quarters of a game. They must play all four quarters.

Many of us schedule our lives by the hour. We set aside hourly blocks for different activities. Usually we set aside at least 60 minutes each Sunday for worship in our respected churches. We schedule lunch hours and business meetings. Much of our lives are ordered around the clock. Each 60 minute segment maps our course and if recorded will show our path and where we have been.

Each Sunday evening, for the last 40 plus years, the news team at 60 Minutes aired their program. And for the last 90 plus years each Sunday evening, the NFL has played 60 minutes of football. Of course it takes almost 3 hours to play those 60 minutes but officially the game only lasts 60 minutes on the official time clock.

Any sports team can attest that the outcome of a game is not determined at the beginning but rather at the end. It is after the last seconds tick off the clock that the final outcome is known. Until the last second there is still

(an opportunity) a chance to change the course of a game. Had the San Diego Chargers decided that after three quarters the game was over they would not have “almost” won the game. Had Pittsburgh decided they only wanted to play for 45 minutes they would have lost the game. The possibility of a Steelers loss loomed large at the start of the last 15 minutes of the game. However, in the end, the Steelers were victorious and the Chargers left town with a lose.

No matter what has happened during your last 60 minutes of life you can still change the outcome. If you are reading this article then the official time clock of your life has not reached the final second. You are still involved in the game of life, and you can still effect the outcome of your life. If things have been going badly for you do not despair, the game is not over. Even if you have been loosing for 3 quarters of your life, there is still the final quarter to play. Never give up, never quit, never lose hope, but keep the faith and fight on, you can still effect the outcome and change the course of your life.

The Chargers charged back during the final 15 minutes of the Sunday night football game and almost came out a winner. Alas it was not to be, but I loved the fact that they never gave up.

Paul wrote to Timothy declaring that he too had fought a hard fight and had kept the faith. He completed the race. He never gave up. There were parts of Paul’s life that were not very victorious, but in the end he could say that he played the whole game. He never quit. He kept at it.

The only losers in life are those who quit living, who quit trying, who give up before the last tick of the time clock. As long as there is breath within you, keep fighting the good fight. Things can change in 60 minutes.

But those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength; they will get wings like eagles: running, they will not be tired, and walking, they will have no weariness. Isaiah 40:31 (BBE)

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