It is Time to BAIL out of GOVERNMENT

The out of control federal spending has spent us into bankruptcy. The lust for more and more power and control over the economy has left us with a bloated government operating without restraint or a moral compass. Our legislators have spent our children’s future and their children’s. IT IS TIME TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
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By any rational means, we must consider the present condition of our Government’s financial situation. An honest look at those finances would have a prudent person conclude that our government is tacitly bankrupt. Our unfunded liabilities far exceed our assets. Adding up all unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Government sponsored pension funds gives us a figure slightly in excess of  $100 TRILLION dollars.

Several other government programs over the years have proven to be equally underestimated in funding. Amtrak has a yearly budget shortfall of $1 billion dollars. The Postal Service, although deemed a private entity with its pension fund provided by the government, has a $3 billion dollar deficit. And the list goes on and on…
Our founders and many great leaders warned us of the dangers of unlimited government; let us be wise enough to heed their words now more than ever.

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