Native Americans Have No Reservations about Government Run Health Care

If you really want to know how Government run health care works out just ask a Native American. They could tell you a thing or two about government run health care.
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One of the striking things about the health care debate is that in all the left’s bloviation about the wonders of a government-run system, no one uses a current, U.S. based system as a model. Medicare is going bankrupt, states are worried about the unfunded mandates in Medicaid, and stories emerge every week about substandard care in the VA system.

As Terry Anderson writes in the Wall Street Journal, Native Americans have been on the receiving end of government-run health care for decades. The Indian Health Service (HIS) runs 48 hospitals and 230 clinics on various tribal reservations.

So how’s it all working?
Life expectancy is four years less among Native Americans than the population as a whole. Rural Indians fare even worse.
As a consequence, a number of tribes are moving away from the IHS system and doing tribal contracting,
They administer their own hospitals and clinics, and as a result wind up with better access and better quality care.

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