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These people have become close-minded and hard of hearing. They have shut their eyes so that their eyes never see. Their ears never hear. Their minds never understand. And they never turn to me for healing.”’Acts 28:27 (GW)
We have a lot to explain about this. But since you have become too lazy to pay attention, explaining it to you is hard. Heb 5:11 (GW)

I never realized how many emails I averaged on any given day until I got home after being away for only one night and found over 300 emails in my inbox. Checking my email periodically throughout the day gave me a false measure of the huge volume of time-wasting info sound bytes I was receiving on a daily basis. Granted many of those emails held inspirational value but when I sat there and compared the time it took to actually go through each one, or to put it better, delete the ones I was not going to read, my eyes were opened to the sheer volume of worthless data bytes that were sent to my inbox.

Not everything we hear or see or read is worthy of our time and attention and yet, if you are anything like me, you too will find yourself bombarded with tons of information on a daily basis. Over a lifetime these sound-bytes will add up to be a very huge number. Now I would not mind if each day I would find an additional 300 dollars placed in my bank account, at least at the end of the year there would be something of value accumulated.

Information too can be valuable if we are discerning. Knowing what to heed and what to discard can have a positive or a negative effect on our life. If we heed valuable information and fashion our life accordingly then we can live a successful life, if on the other hand we spend far too much time digesting worthless and foolish advice and information our lives could end in tragedy.

There is a far more sinister effect information overload can have upon a person, and that is to desensitize that individual so that they are no longer able to discern valuable information from worthless drivel. Loosing one’s ability to differentiate valuable content from mindless rubble is a dangerous position to be found in. If we treat all information as equal we place ourselves in a position to become dull of hearing and blinded to truth. Even when presented with SOLID evidence, because we have lost focus on what is valuable, we are unable to receive the truth as anything more than just another sound-byte. We end up approaching all information peddlers with cynicism and skepticism. Discarding whatever does not suit our particular situation or attitude, we toss aside anything that requires more than a second or two to process. We do not wish to be bothered with weighty issues that might require more thought and research. We want our information in easy to swallow sound-bytes and do not wish to be bothered with a lengthy discourse.

This was the state of the religious people of Christ’s day. Although they prided themselves on being a learned people they were unable to ascertain the clear truth of God manifested in the life of Jesus Christ. Their eyes were blinded to the truth of God’s love and God’s ways and their ears  stopped to the knowledge of God’s word. Although surrounded by overwhelming evidence they were unable to process the information. They had grown comfortable in their own thought processes and did not wish to have their ideas challenged. They had become lazy when it came to information gathering. They did not desire to find out what was true or what was not true, they just picked what sounded good to them at the time and disregarded anything that did not.

Should we be on guard against information overload as well? To answer that question all we really need do is turn on the radio or television and listen for about an hour and see what type of information is being broadcast. Is it uplifting, soul stirring, energizing or simply a waste of time and mindless blather?

As I sorted through my inbox with the intention of separating the worthless from the valuable, I too became aware of the millions of mind numbing bytes wasted on most of the emails sent to my inbox. I am now on a journey to eliminate waste from the bird cage. I am on a journey to block all correspondence from sources that do not provide valuable content. I do not wish to spend my day reading and responding to matters of insignificance. I do not wish to be found wasting my time having to delete these unimportant emails. So from this day forward I am instituting a new email policy. If the information contained in the email is not of eternal value then the sender will be added to my spam filter and their emails will be dead on arrival.

So like Jesus says, there are many things He would like to tell me, and in order to have the desire to hear those things I will have to de-clutter my inbox. Caution, the eagle is cleaning out the birdcage. Beware of flying debris.

But those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength; they will get wings like eagles: running, they will not be tired, and walking, they will have no weariness. Isaiah 40:31 (BBE)

Along for the journey

2 thoughts on “Information Overload!

  1. Great article, Allen. I have sent you some emails of late; hope they are of value. If not, I don’t blame you for deleting them. My wife gets a bunch everyday and you are right, it is very time consuming to sort through the trash. A spam filter doesn’t get it all either and sometimes it even filters good stuff as well. Either way, I guess that may be the price we pay for living in the “information age”. As Daniel the prophet wrote: “knowledge shall increase” and, boy has it! Happy weeding!!

    1. Yes david I have been getting your articles and I have enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing them with me and for taking the time to leave me a message. I enjoy the work you are doing over there at fullcirclethinker. Keep up the good work.

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