Liars Unite in Support of Dictators Worldwide

Once again our fearless leader has chosen to align himself with a dictatorial tyrant. Apparently there is not a Constitution Obama likes. He has no regard for our own constitution and has shown a total disrespect for the Constitution of Honduras. The rule of law is not high on Obama’s list of disciplines. He much rather support anarchists and lawlessness.

Or perhaps he sees a similar fate awaiting himself in the not too distant future.

Perhaps it is time we start to consider impeachment proceedings for high crimes and misdemeanors?

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Don’t believe the myth. The arrest of President Zelaya represents the triumph of the rule of law.

Sometimes, the whole world prefers a lie to the truth. The White House, the United Nations, the Organization of American States,
and much of the media have condemned the ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya this past weekend as a coup d’état.

In fact, what happened here is nothing short of the triumph of the rule of law.

Under our Constitution, what happened in Honduras this past Sunday? Soldiers arrested and sent out of the country a Honduran
citizen who, the day before, through his own actions had stripped himself of the presidency.

Don’t believe the coup myth. The Honduran military acted entirely within the bounds of the Constitution. The military gained
nothing but the respect of the nation by its actions.

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