Pop Goes the Gospel July Edition

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

Welcome to the July, 2009 edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel”. Once again we received far more submissions then we could include in this edition. Our policy of allowing only one article per writer per edition is strictly enforced. Also our policy on only including articles which meet the criteria set forth on our submission page must be strictly followed.

In order for you to have an article included in this blog carnival you must meet the submission criteria. We do not publish anything that does not put forth a Christian world view. After all this carnival is called “POP GOES THE GOSPE”L. The GOSPEL being the operative word. That being said I have included all of the best submissions for this months carnival and once again they all are worthy of a read.

Those who check out this carnival every time it is posted will notice our repeat submitters but there are many new faces here this month. Take some of your vacation time and check out each of these articles and be sure to leave the author a comment or two. After all we are supposed to ENCOURAGE one another daily. So without any further delay on with the carnival!

Feature Article

Kurt James Salfi presents A Little Girls Gratitude posted at BrokenYokes, This month we are so blessed by many first time submissions. Kurt’s falls into this category and offers up a simple but effective tool to monitor our spiritual walk with God. Take a look at it through the eyes of a 9 yr old child. Unless we become as children we can not inherit the kingdom of God. And a child shall lead them. Have you looked into the eyes of a nine year old lately? Perhaps it would do us all well to do so. What say you? This is a must read and therefore it has risen to the position of feature article of the month.

In Church Life

andriel presents The Wrath of God posted at ReturningKing.com, saying, andriel has returned with yet another fine post this time covering the wrath of God. Many view God as all loving and yet as andriel explains you can not fully love unless you also hate certain things. In order to love only one you must hate all others in other words. This is a good read and an excellent study on God’s character of love.

Keith Tusing presents Event Planning for the “Big Event” posted at CM Buzz.Keith offers basic easy to follow steps to take when preparing for a “Big Event” at your church or for that matter corporate event you wish to sponsor. This advice will work for any “Big Event” in which you are called on to plan and implement.

In Life

NCSue presents Nick Vujicic: How to “walk” with the Lord posted at IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.This retired nurse offers an inspiring story of a man born with no arms or legs and learned how to “Walk with God”. This heartwarming video blog article should warm your heart and cause you to pause and say… What hardships should I be thankful for?

Ann Shorb presents Godliness is Profitable posted at A Light for My Path, “Godliness means doing things God’s way; living a godly life simply means to live rightly.” Ann makes a simple yet profound statement when she says Godliness means doing things God’s way. Although a short blog post it is a good launching pad into a deeper study of “knowing the ways of God” It is possible to know the very mind of God via the Holy Spirit. Therefore Godliness is a result of living a SPIRITUAL life rather than a CARNAL one. Good post Ann a first timer here at Pop Goes the Gospel and I do hope she contributes more articles in the future.

ChristianPF presents Keep the Top Up: Materialism and Christianity posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, ChristianPF a regular here at Pop Goes the Gospel comes through with yet another great post in which he answers the question.. What could be better than driving a red convertible Mercedes? Read the post and find out. You too many decide to keep the TOP UP also. Another great job Christian. In fact you all may wish to add his blog to your blogroll because Christian continually offers up great articles.

In Culture

Trent Cotton presents We are Salt of the Earth… « Christian Men-Christian Warriors posted at Christian Men-Christian Warriors, saying, “Salt. Not much to think about. It’s white, tasty, useful, and cheap. Did you know it is a change agent? Did you know that it is one of the most widely used change agents? Did you know that it was Christ’s secret word for us to become change agents? No?” Trent also a first timer to Pop Goes the Gospel gets back to the basics with this post. SALT and LIGHT. Now there is CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN! Great job Trent.

Mark Tenniswood presents God and Fashion posted at until we are home….Mark answers the question what Godly people are wearing this season. It seems that God has great fashion sense. To to those who say that the bible is not fashionable for today I suggest you take a look at what Mark has to say about it. You may end up making God your new fashion consultant.

Mikkal Travvis presents Huffington Post: Christians Are Domestic Terrorists! posted at Why God?.Mikkal presents a well thought out piece concerning a recent Homeland Security report that seemed to label Christians as Domestic Terrorists. This is a topic that is sure to incite heated debates amongst those who oppose such a view and those who hold to this viewpoint. Be sure to add your remarks.

In Media

Bible SEO presents Prophet Hosea – Short Film posted at Bible Study Exposition Online, This must see video message should provoke the viewer to take a deeper look at “the love of God” and see how deep that love is. Hosea was shown the heart of God as well as the heart of Israel toward God. It is easy to love those who love us back but what Hosea learned was the lesson of how hard it is to love those who do not return that love. And yet God still does. How great is the love of God shown toward us through Christ Jesus.

Shannon Christman presents The Life of O’Reilly: An Argument for God? posted at The Minority Thinker, What does Bill O’Reilly and the movie “Transformers” have in common? Read Shannon’s post and see. Hint: they both change. Thanks for your post Shannon and I hope you contribute to future editions of Pop Goes the Gospel.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of pop goes the gospel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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