Obamanomics Goes Stateside

Just another FINE EXAMPLE of OBAMANOMICS in action. Take money from the working class and give to the POLITICALLY PROTECTED CLASS.

As Obama raped GM and Chrysler GOV Doyle is using the same pattern to rape the citizens of Wisconsin.

If you had any doubt about OBAMA’s plans this certainly should open your eyes.

clipped from www.americanthinker.com

As many states struggle to close big deficits, they are also expanding the power of public employee and other unions. I guess the thinking is, “in crisis, there is opportunity.”
Where have we heard that before?
Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal Political Diary takes a look at Wisconsin’s efforts to elevate the public sector unions while trying to close a huge budget gap:

The new budget would increase use of the “prevailing wage law” — the state version of the federal Davis-Bacon Act — to discourage competition by non-union firms for public works projects. The law would also make it easier for labor to sign up workers on state contracts. Spending on health insurance and retirement benefits for public employees would be hiked by expanding eligibility to domestic partners, costing at least $15 million a year. The budget also makes it easier for home health-care workers to become eligible for collective bargaining.
Then there’s a smorgasbord of new taxes to pay for it all.

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