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We shall find and take all kinds of precious goods [when our victims are put out of the way], we shall fill our houses with plunder; 14 Throw in your lot with us [they insist] and be a sworn brother and comrade; let us all have one purse in common—Prov 1:13-14 (AMP)

The flag of 18th century pirate Calico Jack.
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This past week an American captain of a humanitarian cargo vessel was held captive by 4 thugs who were attempting to trade his life for a million dollar ransom. Instead all they got was a bullet between the eyes and the captain was rescued unharmed.


Actually this whole incident sounds very familiar. You may wish to read about it here:

Lessons From the Barbary Pirate Wars

These pirates saw these ships of commerce going past their shoreline and, because they do not value other people’s property rights, they coveted what others had and made a siege on these unarmed merchant ships. They then hold the cargo and crews hostage until they can shake down the companies for payoffs. This has been going on for quite some time but just recently it seems to be making headlines.

We as American citizens saw the piracy against merchant vessels as an outrage and demanded that something be done about it. Decisive action was taken by our brave men and women of the Navy and the situation was diffused and the innocent captain was freed from the clutches of these evil pirates.

All this happened around the world off the shores of Africa yet on our own homeland, it would appear that piracy is the norm. We have pirates hijacking the ship of state and beating the captain of the vessels of commerce into coughing up huge payoffs. To me this does not appear to be much different from the piracy occurring to merchant vehicles on the high seas. If this was another time in our history, the whole concept of a strong armed man coming up to an unarmed merchant demanding a payoff would have been met with criminal prosecution or, like the pirates of the American ship, a shot between the eyes.

This type of conduct was considered thuggery. We even had a special name for it, we called those who practiced this type of strong armed robbery, the mob. Law enforcement set up special task forces to deal with the Chicago style mob rule and vigorously pursued these thugs until the streets where cleared of their influence.

History’s Turning Points II, Volume 5: The Rise of the Mob

The mob moved from the streets into the government and continued to practice their trade. Instead of robbing vessels on the open sea they brought their practices to the homeland and set up shop in our political class. They see the ships of commerce traversing the landscape and they board them with onerous regulations and legislative redtape in attempts to slow the wheels of commerce. With these regulations they are then able to strong arm the companies they hijack into giving them a payoff for the privilege of continuing to navigate freely on the sea of commerce.


Eventually these pirates grow tired of only collecting a portion of the proceeds and they decide it would be far better to take over the whole vessel and displace the captain, therefore they effectively would be in charge of the cargo on this merchant ship. They are now looking for an even greater payout. They want to control the whole ship and not just a portion of it. No longer are these pirates satisfied with a small payout, they want the whole mother lode. If they can control most, if not all of the ships of commerce, then they can control those who benefit from these ships arriving at their appointed destinations. If the people wish to receive the shipments then they will not only have to pay the price for the goods onboard, but they will also have to pay the pirates whatever other fees they demand to release these goods to them.

Now imagine if you will, these pirates get so good at what they do, that they decide to not only take over the ships, but the ports as well as the shipping lanes these ships travel through. They block the access to the canals and shipping lanes and charge exorbitant fees for ships to pass through. And then once they arrive at their destinations they must again pay to dock at a pirate run portal.

Still not satisfied, their greed drives them to want even more. So they set out to control the flow of energy and fuel to these ships of commerce. They make sure that all fuel production must pass their approval and be certified as pirate approved before any of these ships of commerce can fuel and leave port. They are sure to control access and availability of all fuel so that only the approved methods of distribution are operational. All attempts to produce alternate fuel supplies or sources, are met with stern disapproval and unbridled attacks by the pirates and their affiliate agencies.

In their want for more control and even greater payouts, the pirates forget about the most important part of the whole commerce system. The system runs on the backs of those who purchase the products aboard these commerce ships. They fail to realize that eventually those who end up paying the inflated price for goods and services will refuse to do so. Their once lucrative business starts to dry up. They see rapid decreases in the value of their holdings and now must figure out another way to gain control of the ships of commerce.

So they decide the only way to keep the purchasers happy is to bribe them with a portion of the proceeds. They devise an elaborate scheme whereby they confiscate the profits from one ship of commerce and use that to entice the purchasers to buy goods from another.

This works for a while but eventually they run out of sources of additional revenue because every ship that they confiscate the profits from, is one less ship hauling goods on the sea of commerce and thusly one less ship turning a profit. Eventually the whole ship of commerce is sunk by the very pirates that sought to control them. Eventually, all the ships of commerce are sunk—

Now that all the ships are sunk the pirates return to their island and continue to live off the confiscated bounty they hid away. And the people who once flourished off the free flow of goods and services are left destitute.

Perhaps it is time to end all this piracy and free the ships of commerce from the menacing control of these ruthless tyrants of the sea. Unless of course you have a fondness for pirates AY MATEY?

But those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength; they will get wings like eagles: running, they will not be tired, and walking, they will have no weariness. Isaiah 40:31 (BBE)


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