10 Reasons Why We Need Health Care Reform

To be more like Europe and Canada we need to reform our current health care system to eliminate these 10 benefits. It is shameful that Americans should be in better health then their European counterparts. It is shameful that we do not have to wait as long as the Canadians do to get health care. It is shameful to think that our poor citizens are healthier than Canadians. It is shameful that we have better access to MRI’s and other imaging technologies. Why should we be so privileged while our northern neighbors are not so fortunate? And finally let someone else be responsible for health care innovation why should we be responsible for doing it all?

I say tear this system apart and remake it so that we can be just like Canada and Europe.

clipped from mjperry.blogspot.com
Fact No. 1: Americans have better survival rates than Europeans for common cancers.
Fact No. 2: Americans have lower cancer mortality rates than Canadians.
Fact No. 3: Americans have better access to treatment for chronic diseases than patients in other developed countries.
Fact No. 4: Americans have better access to preventive cancer screening than Canadians.

Fact No. 5: Lower income Americans are in better health than comparable Canadians.
Fact No. 6: Americans spend less time waiting for care than patients in Canada and the U.K.
Fact No. 7: People in countries with more government control of health care are highly dissatisfied and believe reform is needed.
Fact No. 8: Americans are more satisfied with the care they receive than Canadians.
Fact No. 9: Americans have much better access to important new technologies like medical imaging than patients in Canada or the U.K.
Fact No. 10: Americans are responsible for the vast majority of all health care innovations.

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