3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Gipper

  1. Reagan was a horrible actor, governor and president. He spent taxpayer’s dollars like it was going out of style and sent the deficit skyrocketing. He traded arms with terrorists including chemical weapons to Saddam Hussain. He also provided assistance to Osama bin Laden. Don’t forget the Iran-Contra and Reagan supporting policies which led to the murder of 1,000s of poor people, mostly woman and children, in Central America. He began an onslaught against the environment. He was hostile toward civil rights… the list goes on. That’s all fine for you right? You probably voted for Bush too.

    You are probably a racist homophobe fascist pig. I respect people who respect the world and try to make a difference, not people who are arrogant and self-serving. You respect what? Only people who follow your narrow empty headed way of thinking. You obviously like to pigeon hole people and condemn them. You’re the one filled with hate so don’t judge me. Sit down and make a list of everything you hate… go on do it… then look inside your soul, look deep for the first time in your life and judge your self rather than others.

    1. Typical hate monger fire off a pejorative and then hit the road. EP it is quite obvious you have no respect for anyone let alone the dead. You are a poor excuse for a human being therefore you must be a liberal or just a quack.

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